Located in a prosperous district of the parish of Isleworth in the west of London, Osterley15.3 km west south-west of Charing Cross and is part of the London Borough of Hounslow. It is used partly as agricultural and used as a mixed aesthetic parkland at Osterley House (National Trust), a charity-run agency that is involved to paying visitors.

Most of Osterley is covered by the large ancestral private estate and mansion of Osterley Park that were owned formerly by the Jersey family. In World War II, these properties were used as Home Guard training school and is now a National Trust property. During the ‘30s, the Great West Road was finished and more people came to live here to form the growing residential sections within Osterley.

Do you know that among Osterley and Park Houses, one of the London residences of The Sultan of Brunei is the Aviary Farm in Windmill Lane. I am also curious to know if the one of the residences of the sultan has loft conversion.

Loft Conversion in Osterley

If you’re a resident in the Osterley area and planning to have a loft conversion, our company is at your service. We provide you the experience, expertise and professionalism to guarantee that your Osterley loft conversion is the best and a good option to increase the perceived value of your home, as well as your your continued pleasure and comfort living on it which is just the main purpose of every Osterley loft conversion.

Our company has build for over a decade the converted lofts in Osterley and have been serving area residents for years.And we are grateful to help create your Osterley loft conversion dreams come true.

A loft conversion in Osterley could provide you:

* that extra bathroom you’ve wanted for years,

* any of these places making a wonerful home as a dedicated home gym, wet bar, man cave and more to increase your enjoyment of your downtime and your home,

* increase the perceived value of your Osterley home, and

* by remodelling instead of relocating, you remain in the home you love.

Making sure that you have chosen the right builder, the appropriate interior designer, and an our Osterley builder with decades of experience is exactly what is required to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money when commissioning your loft conversion.

Stages of a Loft Conversion in your Osterley House

We provide our clients a brief summary loft conversion process un its entirety from start to finish. Following the initial contact, we immediately set an initial visit to your property.

During the initial visit, we talk and listen about your requirements, offer some good suggestions, offer the best solutions on some issues, discuss other options, do accurate measurements of the sizes of the rooms. find ways to place and fit the strairs. We also discuss a rough estimate of costs.

After discussion, we will study and prepare an entire written estimate for you based on the choices you have made.

Once the entire estimate is agreed, we will discuss with an architect and look over your premise to prepare full plans and drawings for your approval.

Once plans and drawings are approved, these drawings are sent to the Local Authority for approval.

Once they are all approved, a date is fixed for the work to start.

Before the work commences, you will be able to meet our complete team as well as our approved scaffolders so they start erecting the work and storage platform.

Week One

At the start of the first week, most of the materials to build your loft are already

delivered and arranged onto the scaffold.

A hole in your roof will be opened which we will be using to use enter the loft without bothering the household. This is our entry until we will be able to build a new stairwell. Our company limits any disturbance for you and your household as much far as possible.

After removing certain structural items, steel beams are installed to provide support to the new, independent floor and to provide the weight of the roof.

Electricians and plumbers have to complate their task of installing pipes and wire of under-floor after fitting new foor joists.

At this stage to inspect the work completed, Local Authority building control officers will make a visit to inspect the work at this stage to guarantee that everything is being done right in accordance to the approved plans and calculations.

Week two

Usually at the beginning of the second week, the new flooring is already fixed down.

The roof will be checked for any changes; at this time, dormers have been constructed and gables or veluxes are already installed.

While our professional roof tilers are finishing the work outside for better weather protection. New internal walls are also being build.

The electricians and plumbers will now complete their jobs.of fitting the pipes and wires for after installing the radiators, switches, sockets and lots of others.

Week three

At the start of the third week, they have finalized the cutting and insulation based on approved standards.

A second inspection of the work will again be made by the Local Authority building control office.

The new flooring and original floor downstairs are already complete.

Week four

After cuting out of stairwell access, this is now the entry to the loft conversion.

At the start of the week, the new staircase and all the new rooms and stairwell are now completely plastered.

Allowing sufficient drying time for all things done, final fittings are now carried as well as check up, the plumber will check if the attach radiators are working including the function of the  sanitary ware and lots of others. Meanwhile, all light fittings, the smke detectors and light switches will be checked by the electrician and all the architraves, doors, handrails, latches, skirting, and spindles are checkedby the carpenter. Officers from the Local Authority building office will make a final inspection to check that all requirements are followed based on the plans previously approved. 

Week five and six

Around week five or six, final inspection is made by the Local Authority building control officer and to complete his report. The work is presented and signed off by the Council.

Congratulations: you have now a new loft conversion that is ready for use!

Wonderful ideas for your Osterley Loft Conversion

  • An innovative loft bathroom

Irregular dimensions and bulky beams do not limit creating a lovely  bathroom in your loft space. Showers need a certain amount of headroom and a comfortable access for a bath can look great even under a low ceiling. Using your period set-up, normal shapes and favorite color palette, all can emerge well..

  • Neat loft home office

You can continue your productivity at home in your loft that is transpofm into a neat home office with lots of natural light, so avoid using those black-out blinds and bulky materials. Instead, go for blinds in comfy neutral shades that allows the all the lights while reducing the glare when they’re closed. This set up allow you to to work efficiently even when the sun starts to drop – it workw well even during dazzling summer days as well as for shorter days in the winter months.

  • For kids only loft

Kids love lofts as a place to play. It has many uses as sleeping room, playing room or extra space for kids and teenagers to create their own dreams. They will feem comfy in such a cosy place. This is useful for their personal activities away from the prying ears of mom. The scheme will be simple and add just your personal touch using soft feminine furnishings and other accessories, this way you can change decors easily (and inexpensively) as their interests change.

  • Design a ladies dressing room\

Feel like a movie star with your own dressing room by utilizing cleverly the space in the eaves using the built in storage that eaisily fills the limitations of a sloping roof. When the space is flooded with natural light by the skylight, it appears more spacious and the floorboards appear to be a larger space.

  • A walk-in-closet

A loft conversion turned into a dressing room provides you a private place to keep your wardrobe for all seasons and gy placing added clothes rack, you can dramatically increase the amount of space required for the closet. Now you have a place to display your bag or shoe or other collection.

  • For fittings and storage

If your loft has an awkward shape space, you might be able to convert this recesses into a useful eave. You can be creative by making a modern bathroom especially build to add and complete your basic scheme. Do you know that you have found the best place to keep all your toilet and bath accessory?

6 main types of Loft Conversion in Osterley

1. The least amount of structural work required to an existing loft space is the rooflight loft conversions and also found to be the most cost effective. The only changes requiored are the added windows.

2. The dormer loft conversion is considered as number 1 as they are among the easiest type of lost convension as they add light while increasing the amount of roof space with full headroom. The changed roof structure at the sides or rear of the house adds a big flat-roofed ‘box’ dormer.

3. The hip-to-gable type of loft conversions ofen take place on either side of a semi-detached or end-terrace houses. To form a new vertical gable, as well as straighten the end wall, the sloping or hipped side of the roof is removed.

4. The conversion type is called gable-to-gable and is like a box extension that goes all the way to the space between the end of each gable that is incorporated in the conversions. In most instances, the height of the gable end walls has to be extended to act like ‘bookends’.

5. An extra volume is created by Mansard loft conversions. The process is simple as it just involves replacing with extremely steep sloping one of either or both roof slopes and flat roof over the top.  

6. The modular extension loft conversions are used when loft space cannot be used. After measurements are taken, the new rooms are manufactured off site and delivered as a whole module. After the existing roof is removed, the new module is nstalled.

What to Expect from our Osterley Loft Conversion team

Our team will listen to your ideas and personally undertake every step of the work involved in making those ideas become a reality. We are ispersonally involved in every project as the work is never outsourced and given to less qualified personnel. Your work with us will always be covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee. We welcome you to discuss your Osterley loft conversion ideas so it becomes a reality. Call us today and someone will get right back to you.

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