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Loft conversion Hanwell is a leading specialist in loft conversion, with a wide range of offerings including a complete refurbishment package and home extension services. Apart from the outstanding loft conversion, we provide you with excellent customer service, superior artistry and fantastic communication.

We understand that houses are the most beautiful place and any changes are strongly connected with your heart. Therefore, our professional and skilled team dedicated work to transform your home and create that you have been craving. A loft conversion is a great way to convert your unused and grubby attic into an innovative and tailor-made area.


As the property market is rising each year, so instead of selling houses, bring a new lease of life to the existing one. Though all home revamping options bring a unique quirk to the home, an attic conversion comes with some most rewarding advantages.

Reason to go for conversion are -

  • Increase living space - It's important to outgrow a home, not only when a new family member arrives, but also needs to extend when youngs reach their teenage. The primary reason to move to another property is the lack of sufficient space to meet their overgrowing needs. Loft conversion adds additional living space to a home, without any hassle. It is a straightforward task to use that dead space for advantage without compromising a property land.
  • Room with a view -  In the busy city or town you can only view housing estates, offices and roads, which is slightly unappealing. For those who are considering conversion, loft conversion comes at such a pleasant surprise. Utilising the high windows, loft conversion allows you to see the whole area from a new perspective with a spectacular view!
  • Add value -  Loft conversion is just not rewarding with extra features; it also adds some real value in your property if in future you ever decide to sell up. A conversion almost adds 20% additional value in your property which makes it a remarkable investment.
  • Planning permission rarely required -  Where in most of the cases, house extension requires planning permission. On the other hand, loft conversion does not need any planning permission as they are already classed as permitted developments unless you are not changing the complete appearance of your house. However, every loft conversion needs to comply with the Building Regulations to achieve adequate standards of building work.

The Building Regulations are concerned with -

  • Structural Stability
  • Fire Safety
  • Fire Resistance
  • Resistance to Moisture
  • Ventilation
  • Noise insulation
  • Stairways
  • Thermal Insulation


Where each conversion depends on your requirement, a necessary loft conversion includes the transformation of stairs, chipboard floor and window. However, generally, a loft conversion is divided into four types:

  1. Dormer loft conversion Hanwell -  The simple flat roof dormer conversion is the most popular and simplest conversion. It does not require any dramatical changes with installation conventional windows. 

Its pros are -

  • Add headroom in the attic
  • Good for lighting and ventilation
  • Less expensive than others
  • Leaves straight walls and flat ceilings
  • Often do not require any development permission
  • Suitable for most UK houses

2. Mansard loft conversion Hanwell - In this conversion, one outer wall slopes gently inwards while the roof remains flat. However, they are suitable for most property types; the terraced house is the best for this conversion.

Pros -

  • Additional headroom than any other conversion type
  • More light into your loft
  • More aesthetically pleasing than a dormer conversion
  • Blends well with old properties

3.Hip to Gable loft conversion Hanwell -  This one is an ideal conversion for end of terrace and detached homes. Hip to Gable loft conversion helps to align the slanted end roof into a vertical wall.

Pros -

  • Combine it with rear dormer for extra space
  • Suitable for all kind of Bungalows and chalets
  • Blend perfectly with existing houses

4. Roof light loft conversion Hanwell -  Roof light loft convention is an easy way to add windows and reinforce the floor without expanding any existing space. It transforms the attic into a comfortable living space.

Pros -

  • Cheaper than any other conversion
  • If being used creatively, it can create plenty of room
  • Most popular among conversations


We have the expertise and require skill with credibility to build any type of loft conversion across London. We provide the entire designing and construction services of a loft conversion.

Our service offering includes -

  • Initial design planning according to your vision
  • Getting approval from planning permission (if required)
  • Work according to your budget and convenience.
  • Give the best value of money
  • Highly competitive price

Before starting turning your loft conversion dream into reality, we arrange a free no-obligation visit to understand your house structure and provide you with all the required details and information which needs to build a faultless conversion.

We always ensure to meet our customer's desire and never leave our project until our customers are 100% satisfied.

Loft Conversion Tips To Create An Extra Bedroom Space in Hanwell.

For households, the main reason for converting a loft is to create a functional space. Families who live in the city Hanwell finds it is as great to raise their families as the city has schools and other facilities. Additionally, the entire town gives a good community feel.

People with their growing needs here, often consider loft conversion as the simplest and least disruptive space to convert, and less expensive than moving to another place. However, it may get messed up with no specific plans, such as how it is going to be used. Most of the time the converted attic has a particular function it becomes known by, such as study room, bathroom, office, bathroom or kids room. Though it comes to the bedroom, a loft needs to be converted to be a sleeping area, with a few essential furniture and sufficient headroom.

As we discussed, converting a loft is always a beneficial move, but you should also know where you have to start. Here we are sharing a few tips which can help you to create an extra bedroom in the city Hanwell.

Embrace the small place -

Not all of the residents are blessed with an amazingly spacious loft in which they can find tons of possibilities. However, they still have a chance to convert it into a small extra bedroom and maybe an en-suite. Use the light colour to brighten the space and to give the illusion to make it larger and airy.

Check appropriateness -

The most considerable thing you should do before approaching for a loft conversion is to determine the suitability of it. As a minimum of 2.2m of head height is required to convert the loft. Though the head roof is not a hard and fast rule in attic transformation, you can take help from any professional loft conversion company to help you in this, as they may remove sections of your roof.

Storage -

It is always tricky to maximize the utilization of your loft space. However, if you are turning your loft into an extra bedroom, consider incorporating it with storage, it's easy to let small spaces get cluttered. Also, if you have a window, you can build a window seat under or an awkward corner, or can opt for any built-in storage. Combine it with a few functional furniture.

The design and light -

Ensure to have all concrete plans handy before starting the work. It doesn't mean just by architecturally, it needs to consider furniture plannings too. This all pre-planning will surely save your headache. However, the shape of the room should also add natural sunlight to your room, as nothing worse than a small and dingy room.

The time that it will take -

A simple bedroom conversion can be done in 4 to 5 weeks, and it is the least disruptive type of extension. However, the time can vary according to the loft conversion type and your requirements.

Extra bedroom may come with additional regulations.

To convert your loft you may need to go with additional regulations, and requirements need to be adhered to, such as -

  • Headroom -  You can apply part K planning here, as part of the bedroom will be mainly used at a horizontal level for sleeping. The room should have sufficient headroom for free movement in the room. Along with the complete length of one side of the bed, it requires adequate headroom without hitting the ceiling. You may need additional planning permission if the roof needs to be lifted and altered.
  • Insulation -  Insulation is an important factor which needs in all type of conversion to make the space thermally efficient forms Part L of current. You can apply for these regulations for walls, floors and the roof itself, particularly if you are planning to use the room as a bedroom.
  • Fire and safety compliance -  Fire and safety compliance vary according to the number of storeys. It should be incorporated in your earliest plans. However, consider approaching any building control and loft conversion specialist to know which one you need to apply for a specific conversion.

The value of the official bedroom -

In most of the cases converting the loft into Hanwell certainly adds value to the property. But when a two bedroomed property is converted into a three-bedroomed, the property can then be fully valued as a three bedroomed home.

It is necessary that you just do not add an extra bedroom, but also enjoy the value as well as accommodation.


The cost of a loft conversion depends on several factors such as the size of the house, type of loft conversion, your house type etc. However, after evaluating your home and your requirements, we will share a detailed quotation with you. We provide the most cost-effective loft conversion Hanwell services.


Contact us today to discuss your loft conversion ideas and to get a quote for your loft conversion. According to your convenience, we will schedule a meeting to speak about your requirements and possibilities.


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