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Welcome to London, the capital and largest city of both England and the United Kingdom for two millennia. The city is bustling with life and activities with the population growing by leaps and bound. And I am proud to say that our company  have worked across London and the M25 or London Orbital Motorway since 1999 with the honor of being London’s top builder of loft conversions making 100% of existing loft conversion design and build projects.

Londoners who want more space in their homes contact us. Our company creates for you the ideal Loft Conversion in very affordable cost with the least amount of fuss and the most amount of satisfaction. Since our company started, we have never paid much for ads but relied mostly on words of mouth from our satisfied clients. They have brought us work through their positive testimonials and high recommendations for the loft conversion job that was well done and satisfactory to  them in the past. With Loft Conversion London, free initial consultation is provided as well as no-obligation for quote. Just contact us and realize your dream of a loft conversion into a reality

How we work? 

We have a team of approved contractors who deliver our work. These teams have been carefully selected by Loft Conversion London and have been delivering high quality work for us. You as a client will have a contract directly with us and your appointed project manager will deal all queries for you. We have set out strict trading agreements with our contractors which means we can control everything effectively without much problems. Our customer service team will be on hand to help you with any questions that you may have throughout the project. We have completed hundreds of successful loft conversion projects across London.

The Loft Conversion Process:

Loft Conversions differ in various ways, but they all have the same development stages from start to finish. As a client, you can rest assured that you will not be disturbed while you live in your home during the conversion process. Throughout the process, we will keep the communication channels open so that you can talk to us, as often and as thoroughly as you like, so that both the parties can understand the progress accordingly. We will give you a dedicated project manager who will be at the site daily to manage the work and ensure the smooth completion of the project.


Here is a brief step by step guide as to what will happen in the loft conversion process:


1. We will first visit your place to take the specifications and understand all your requirements for the loft conversion. You will at this stage share your own ideas, opinions and we will discuss various options for your perfect loft conversion. Before our meeting, you can view our gallery of the type of loft conversion you want and if you like a design of our past loft conversions. There is no harm to take inspiration or ideas of an existing design.

2. Once all the specifications have been agreed, we will create a contract that has to be completed by Loft Conversion London and the client. Once this has been completed the next step is to place a deposit so that the first phase of work can commence.

3. If you have an architect already then you can use them to draw up the plans and if not, we will send our architects to visit your property and survey the areas of work. Our architects will draw up plans for the loft conversion, which can take up to 10-14 working days. Once the drawing is completed, they will be sent to you for review and if you’re happy to sign them off then we can submit them to your local council on your behalf if planning is required, and later building regulations. Once the plans are approved by your local council, we will then be ready to commence work.

4. Party Wall Awards: We can supply the appropriate documentation for you to issue to your adjoining neighbours.

5. The full loft conversion building time will be around 8-12 weeks but depending on the type of loft conversion you are going for; this project can be completed much more quickly. The contracts manager will be visiting the site on a weekly basis to check on the progress and ensure everything is being completed at the highest standard.

6. Our manager will make the last final check on the loft conversion before we arrange the local council or local private contractor to assess your new loft and give a completion certificate. Thereafter your loft will be handed over to you to enjoy your beautiful new loft converted living space. 


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