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If you are looking for the best building contractors in London then you should check out Loft conversion London. We have experienced and talented constructors all around London and we offer the best in class services that you cannot find anywhere in London. While working on constructions we don't just look about the building but work on the finishing, the exterior, and the overall look of the building. We have all the required resources and raw materials that are required to finish a job.

There are some companies out in the market who use low-quality supplies and the services are also not up to the mark, we at Loft Conversion London, employ only the best constructors so that our services stand up to the demands and our work exceeds your expectations. The houses that we construct are completely safe and reliable.

How can our team help you?

  • Developing the Designs  -

Before starting with the construction, it is important to go about with teh designs for the house and these designs work on the core architecture of the house. We start by taking the help of our expert architects who look around the house, evaluate the surroundings, observe all the other houses and then develop some plans and designs for the house.

The thing that makes our team better than others is that we consider the overall environment and lay down the designs so that the house doesn't look odd in the neighborhood. The plans are also made in such a way that the design is the best in the neighborhood. We not only work on the designs but also help in getting the required permissions to construct the house.

These permissions are very much important and getting these permissions can take up way too much time, our team maintains a good relationship with the local authorities and this helps in speeding up things while ensuring legality.

  • Working on the Interior and Exterior -

Having a stunning interior is as important as the exterior of the house, the interior should match the theme and colors of the walls, and having different kinds of interiors can make the house look weird. Our team of experts are the best at picking the interior and going with their choice can help in bringing out the essence of the house and give it a complete look. Our team will work with you every step of the way, working to ensure that your new luxury property is perfect down to every last detail.

The exterior of the house is also taken care of and only the best marble, tiles, and equipment is used by our experts. It is also not like our experts choose everything for you, we are just available to guide you through your options and suggest better alternatives because ultimately it is your house and it should be equipped with everything that you love. We will just help you avoid second thoughts and regrets when it comes to picking the interior and exterior.

  • Construction of the house -

You might have a pre-designed plan for your house and no matter how ambitious teh house might be, our team of builders can execute the designs of your project, down to every last detail. With the help of our team of highly-skilled carpenters, painters, and decorators, you can be sure about building yourself a perfect home.

We are so confident in our services so we offer a 10 year warranty period or even more, they will not develop any cracks, leaks, or show structural damage of any kind. We also comply with all the rules and regulations laid down by the local authorities and build houses that are legal and completely safe.

During the process of construction, we make sure that we have the required workforce and resources at our disposal. We take care of all the required activities right from laying down the bricks to cleaning up after the construction is done, there are no issues of incompetency from our side and we make sure that every element of the house is built perfectly.

Our services are highly appreciated by our clients and they suggest our company to their friends and other acquaintances as well.


DIY constructions have become a trend and they do generate a lot of views on the internet but the person who uploaded the video doesn't reveal that the construction was actually supervised by an expert and there wasn't just one person involved. When it comes to building a house, it is better to hire a building contractor because there are only a few that you can do properly but a contractor will have better ideas and much more experience on how to implement those ideas.

  • Costs  -

It is advised to hire a building contractor but selecting a suitable contractor is no less of a horror story. Many independent contractors charge a loss of less than others but they lack experience and in the quality of services offered. Contractors who have enough experience and skills charge way too much and almost all your money will be spent on hiring the contractor. This is why you should contact Loft conversion London and hire us to build you a house. We offer affordable yet excellent options for all our customers and the quality of service that we offer cannot be matched by any other company.

  • Consider Long Term Savings -

You can find cheap contractors claiming to be the best in the city and they offer such a cheap price that you might be tempted to take their offer. This is a wrong move. It is always advised to hire professionals like Loft Conversion London, take windows for example, improperly sealed windows can result in cool air leaking out or can also result in n hot air coming in. This will increase the costs involved with maintaining the temperatures inside the house. You will have to keep upgrading to a better thermostat system. This problem might never be discovered by you and you will keep thinking that the problem is in the thermostat. 

  • Right Contractor - Fair Price -

If you may hastily choose a less than reputable build contractor in London and the beginning you can think that you tricked a great deal and feel happy for a few days. The contractor will start to call you day in and day out to tell you that the costs are rising due to various circumstances and this price hike is shown to be very minute but in the end, you end up paying a lot more than what they deserve and what you can afford. You cannot fire the contractor midway because he would just take his payment and leave without doing the required job. If you make sure to choose a proper contractor like us, then the value to price ratio becomes much more even.

  • Having Qualified Contractors -

Experienced contractors know their value in the market and charge the right amount but contractors who are still new and have little experience feel overconfident about themselves and charge less fee and accept unrealistic demands. These demands can never be completed and trying to implement these can totally ruin the design of the house. Having an ill-experienced contractor work on a major renovation or construction also poses a risk because they don't follow most of the safety norms which might compromise the structural integrity of the house.

In the end, it is worth it to call in professional help. We at Loft conversion London are completely transparent with our clients and only accept the deal if we think that we can do justice to their desires. So, do your homework, understand that these people are professionals, and don’t take any deal that doesn’t seem right.


We at Loft Conversion London can offer such exceptional quality of service and make our clients happy and the reason for our success is our team of highly skilled and professional experts and contractors that have years of experience in the construction of luxurious, yet eco-friendly new homes and house extensions throughout London. We are completely transparent about our ideas and never charge a penny more than what we have agreed for. There are never any hidden fees or any compromise in quality from our side. We have been sticking to our principles and ideas and this is what keeps us different from other companies

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