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Our company has build almost all the loft conversions in the boroughs of London so everytime I visited these places, I feel elated knowing that families live comfortably in their homes due to the convenience of loft conversion my company constructed in each place. Most of our loft conversions are concentrated in London boroughs.

London borough is a local government district type created by the London Government Act 1963 that became the Greater London on 1 April 1965. From 32 buroughs, 20 were designated as Outer and 12 were the Inner London boroughs.These places make up Greater London; each one is  governed by a London borough council.

Why settle in Greenford?

Greenford is one of the boroughs that I anticipate visiting as it is filled with vitality and growing with more new residents. construction of new houses and expanding business so I wrote in my report the reasons why more and more people settle in Greenford.

Today, Greenford is turning into popular hub for those interested to rent and buy properties, especially that provide them better deals. Indeed, on the renting side, Greenford was ranked among London's top-five rental growth areas between September 2017 and September 2018, according to Rightmove. Greenford remains brilliantly affordable for both renters and buyers with an average property sale price of £416,956 and average monthly rent of £1,369 vastly cheaper than many other areas of London.

Here are five other reasons why we think Greenford comes out on top when it comes to places to live in London.

1. Easy place for commulers are offered fast travel services.

Greenford has underground stations directly connected  to Liverpool Street on the Central Line  while Stratford is accessible in an Olympic record-testing time of just 47 minutes, from Sudbury Hill, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square are just 38 minutes away, while Heathrow Airport can be reached in 50 minutes.

2. Greenford has a great variety of homes.

Greenford's homes style is rooted firmly in 1920s and 1930s semi-detached properties, but there are also plenty of more modest terraced properties dating from the 1970s. Moreover, thanks to the Good for Greenford regeneration project, there are also a number of new developments springing up in the area. So whatever is your budget, Greenford offers something for everyone.

3. Offers great community life

The town center hosts every Monday and Thursday street market day while the town feel of West London postcode is provided by the library and community sports center. Locals also take in sporting action courtesy of North Greenford United FC and flock to the popular annual Greenford Carnival with live music and art workshops aplenty.

4. Clean environment with lots of green spaces

One of the best things about Greenford is its wide, open green spaces for those moments of peace and tranquility. Horsenden Hill offers an incredible view of West London from its summit, while Perivale Wood is great for a brisk walk on your way to the peak. Ravenor Park boasts a playground, tennis court and exercise equipment and is hugely popular with locals.

5. Good schools for your kids

Aside from large family homes, Greenford also plays host to a number of good schools for families for familites moving to the area.  thinking of moving to the area.he following schools were given a good rating by Ofsted: Primary School of Coston, Edward Betham CoE Primary School, Primary School of Horsenden, and Mandeville School.

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School, which has a sixth-form college, was recently rated 'Outstanding' and highly recommended for older kids.

Loft Conversion in Greenford for that extra space

Many families who relocated in Greenford learn an easy way to add extra space through loft conversion. A loft conversion is a great idea for those needing more space in their homes and it makes sense to make better use of existing room in your home before adding more.

No planning permit is required to convert a loft, and the new cost is even less than moving to a bigger house which always involves more expenses beyong recovery. Normal cost for loft conversion starts at at around £15,000.

You have to think about your decision to convert your loft due to many important factors as: type of roof structure, the amount involved and insulations to use. Our experts will explain the process and highlight the different options available and their costs

Kinds of Loft Conversion in Greenford Properties

1. Loft conversion – Dormer. It has several styles and is categorized as, double, full, L-shaped, rear, and single dormer loft conversions. Compared to other types, the dormer has vertical walls and horizontal ceilings. They could come in different shapes as flat, hipped, or L-shaped.

2. Loft conversion –Mansard. This is loft the best for urban or conversation area for the featured walls on either side are raised as a brickwork. Its roof with the back wall has an inward slope at approx 70–72 degrees.

3. Loft conversion - hip to gable, This is most suitable for detached or semi-detached homes. The three slanting sides to the roof is then extended to the outside wall where the gable end is built up. The completed rear dormer and velux windows to the front slop build up the loft conversion. Both of the sloping sides  are extended.

4. Loft conversion – Velux.Within the great choices, Velux is available if you need a smaller loft conversion. You achieve keeping the original style of the roof by installing the velux windows and roof lights.

5. Loft Conversion - Piggyback is the existing brickwork walls perimeter prevailing to make a space within. Space is refurbished by using velux windows on either side of the sloping roof.

You have to decide some crucial things like to do for a suitable loft conversions like an elegant loft room to ass space as well as add value to your home for making a wrong decision in detrimental.

Loft Conversions vs. Extensions in Greenford

Two alternatives are available if you’re looking to expand living space without moving house. You might opt for an extension or loft conversion. Long debates  have been ongoing on its pros and cons.

1. Loft conversion

Loft conversions give ample opportunity to extend upwards instead of outwards. No need to worry about lack of space as there is always the option of increasing the headroom by raising the roof.

Loft conversions does not make the room appear dark for they offer a surprising amount of light with the introduction of skylights or dormer windows, offering both natural light and a beautiful view.

Unlike extensions, the majority of conversions does not require planning permit. Inquire from out staff for the conditions loft conversions must meet. You will, however, have to meet Building Regulations standards.

Loft conversion can be a qay to save from heating bills, as loft conversions follows insulating your home foollowing current building codes and practices – leaving you cosy and warm but not cramped.

Whilst most people opt to make their loft into a spare bedroom, the opportunities are endless – you could have a fancy a new study, a  larger bathroom, a games room or a place for the kids to hang out.’

Do you think there is much space to convert? Check it out – there may be more space than you think. In fact, you might have a potential living space of about 30%  you have not noticed.

Whilst adding to a property purely to increase house prices can be a risky business, loft conversions have been shown to offer the biggest increase to property valuations over other forms of extensions and improvements, with Nationwide estimating up to a 20% gain.

We all know that building works in your own home can be messy, disruptive and noisy affairs. Loft conversions are, on average, quicker to complete than extensions – giving you more time to enjoy your new space, and less time making cups of tea for the builders.

2. Home extenstions

Fancy having a sunroom to sit in and appreciate the garden, a downstairs bathroom or a kitchen large enough for cooking with friends.An extension might just be the answer, particularly if ground floor living space is what’s required.

Loft conversions also require a permanent staircase as their access point, posing the problem of adequate space in hallways and landing below. Extensions bypass this issue by allowing access points through doorways and structural openings.

No problem about permits as a good architect or engineer will often help to guide you through the process without too much hassle – and many builders can also give you a few helpful tips.

A loft conversion leaves you limited on size and volume, extensions put you in driving seat – as long as it passes planning and building regulations, it’s your project to control. An estension can give you octagonal room you’ve always dreamed of?

Two-storey extensions are often cheaper than you think – there’s less work involved in creating a second level than the ground floor, and together they can offer virtually unlimited potential. Why not add a bedroom on top?

If you need space that has to be on ground floor level – maybe for an elderly resident, young child or someone with a physical disability – then a single-storey extension is the way to go. With the extension, your access is allowed from point of convenience you agreed upon.

Choose eco-friendly alternatives such as adding insulated plasterboard to walls or replacing conventional cavity walls with walls constructed with rigid foam type insulation and a small air gap.

Loft Conversion Company in Greenford

If decide on the merit of loft conversion, please visit us. We have years of experience in doing our best and in fact, we hardly rersort to ads. By words of mouth from our clients, we have more and more followers. Your project needs a team of highly experienced craftsmen to 8hprove your home; you do not need to search further we are here for you. Starting from the sourcing of materials, creating the logistics, management  management,of deliveries and filling out all work to follow current building regulations and standards, you can be assured of a magical change in your home as we use top quality materials with a skilled, courteous workforce.

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