How much value can a Loft Conversion in Wembley add in 2024?

A loft conversion in Wembley is a fantastic opportunity to boost the value of your home without the need to relocate. Did you know that converting your loft in Wembley can add as much as 25% in value to the property, which ensures a profitable investment in the long run. In some suburbs of Wembley, where space is limited, loft conversions have become the preferred choice for families seeking to enhance their homes. Not only is it a more cost-effective alternative to moving, but it also provides the added benefit of expanding your living space.

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Custom Design Loft

Bespoke loft conversions in Loft Conversions Wembley

We specialise in high-quality custom Loft Conversions across Loft Conversions Wembley and around West London. We have built numerous bespoke loft conversions in Loft Conversions Wembley which are fully tailored to the client's personal requirements and preferences. Our Loft Conversions in Loft Conversions Wembley allow families to add habitable space to their homes without the need to move home.


Types Of Lofts

Loft Conversions Wembley Loft Conversions

We offer a range of Loft Conversion types in Loft Conversions Wembley, which include, dormer, mansard, hip to gable, L-shaped and velux loft conversions. Our team of builders will transform your house, giving you more living space and thereby increasing the value of your property.

Loft Ideas

Our latest Loft Conversions in Loft Conversions Wembley

Browse through our latest loft conversions and extensions in Loft Conversions Wembley to get an idea of what our specialist Loft Conversion team can build for you.

Loft Conversion Process

Our step by step process for Loft Conversion in Loft Conversions Wembley

We try to keep the Loft Conversion process as simple as possible from conception to completion, always keeping you informed and involved in every step. Our process includes an initial survey and design followed by architectural drawings and structural calculations. Thereafter, we will quote based on the drawings. Once happy with our quote, our architects apply for planning permission and commence your building work and finally the completion of your new loft conversion. Our team is ready to discuss any aspect of the project in more detail at all times.


Creating More Space For You

Whether your family is growing, renting out a room in your property, or simply want a new study or office, a loft conversion is an ideal solution to maximise space in your house. This is a cost-effective alternative to moving and will increase the value of your property when you decide to sell in the future. No matter the project size, we will build you a loft that reflects your style and meets your lifestyle’s needs.


What can we do for your Property in Loft Conversions Wembley?

If you would like to discuss the ways in which a Loft Conversion could enhance your Loft Conversions Wembley home, call us on 020 3951 8426 or email to ask us any questions. For a free site survey and design consultation please fill out the form on the right and our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Wembley Loft Conversions   

Want to know more about Wembley?

The name Wembley is taken from the two Old English name “Wemba” and “Lea” both indicating meadow or clearing. Its gorgeous greens make Wembley true to its name with Fryent Country Park showing off the best of Wembley’s greens. Considered as one of the best places to raise a family, Wembley has  excellent transport connections catering to the Wembley Park complex, and a dramatic regeneration programme seeing new housing and large shopping centers like The London Designer Outlet, Wembley is reconnecting with its historical roots and becoming an attractive place to buy a new home.

Loft Conversions in Wembley

The properties around Wembley are still suited for loft conversions despite many high rise apartments being built around Wembley. Many homeowners opt for loft conversions to utilize that extra space they want instead of moving out. In Wembley loft conversions has increased property value of homes tremendously. It is an accepted fact that loft conversion is one of the most effective ways to increase value on your property in the Borough of Brent. 

We help facilitate your Loft Conversion today

National surveys have shown that a loft conversion is one of the most effective ways to increase the value of your property. Loft Conversion London helps you with your loft conversion project and in the process increase the value of your property by up to 20%.

Arranging a loft conversion with us in Wembley is easy we are available on call or online all the time. You can call us by phone or email us, so that we can make an arrangement to send you an experienced surveyor to gauge your property and listen to your requirements. You can discuss all you want about your loft. After our survey, you will get free personalized quote from us that will include all materials, labor and cost that will remain fixed throughout. If everything is fine, including the price, you will be able to close the deal and begin to work.

Benefits of Loft Conversion in Wembley

1. Get an extra space

No need to worry about the lack of space in your home, so do not waste time and money by starting to plan to buy a new house for this problem. However, you have failed to notice that there is a space in your loft that can be used wisely. Yes, you can convert this extra space to use in terms of your need. This extra space will also reduce the storage issues coming from the different rooms of your home. 

2. Increase your property value

Ask any property expert because they will tell you that loft extensions increase the value of a property not just by 5 or 10 % but it has been observed that the value of the property will increase by 20% after loft conversions. Remember that these days, the property rates are never going down but always increasing with every passing year.

3. You have now extra storage area

Loft extension to have more space to store needed items from the different house corner. When unimportant items have space in your loft, then it will be easy for you to walk around secluded area in your house without any furniture or box blocking your way.

 4. Extra value plus more space

Loft conversion is like hitting two birds with one stone. If you dream of a master suite, or add a guest bedroom or even an entertainment area, a loft conversion is the easiest option to do it and you are gaining more as you are adding value to your property too. You now get the extra space you want and one of the best returns on investment. You can get value for your money when it comes to extending.

5. No need for a planning permit

An additional space added to your home, like loft conversions are generally allowed under right permitted developments so there is no need to go through the hassle of a lengthy process getting planning permission.

All London Boroughs love Loft Conversion

Research revealed that four out of every 10 homes in some areas of London have been extended upwards as loft conversions. Studies showed that the boroughs in London have seen the most uptakes in loft conversions in the past years until 2015. The least number of houses and highest property values have seen the highest uptake. The Government realized that building upwards on existing buildings is easier than sideward. They now allowed adding two levels to a property upwards to the roofline of an adjoining building.s

Types of Loft conversions available in Wembley

These are four basic types: the roof light loft conversion, dormer loft conversion, hip-to-gable loft conversion and mansard loft conversion. Important factors determined your choice as your home type, age of your house and your budget.

1. Roof light conversions are the cheapest and least disruptive type for you do not need to make any changes to the pitch and shape of the roof. Instead, you just add a skylight window, place proper floor, and add a staircase for entry, and these would make the loft livable. However, you need enough roof space already for no roof extension is added in this conversion type.

2. Dormer loft conversion extends its protrusion from the slope of the roof. the most popular is the flat-roof dormers that are suitable for any house that has a sloping roof. It is less expensive than both mansard or hip-to-gable conversions, but it adds a good amount of headroom and floor space.

3. Hip-to-gable conversions create for additional internal loft space a vertical gable wall by extending the sloping ‘hip’ roof outwards at the side of your property. Ideal for detached or semi-detached houses, this type needs a free sloping side roof. A more spacious double hip-to-gable extension can even be built if there are two sloping roofs on either side of your detached house.

4. Mansard conversions change the angle of the roof slope as they go all around the entire length of your house's roof as if it is almost vertical. The is the most expensive type; however, it provides a significant amount of extra space. This is the best type for terraced, semi-detached and detached houses. 

Here are answers to questions about loft conversion

Question - How do I choose the right builder for my loft conversion?

Answer -   When hiring a builder, it is best to start with a recommendation from reliable sources and have a look at their work done. View their on-going projects and have a look online to see if there are any local forums offering recommendations.

Question - Will I need any planning permissions?

Answer - Many loft conversions are also covered by permitted development rights, so you are exempted from planning permission. For more inquiries, find out more whether you will need planning permission and/ or any other permissions by visiting guide to building regulations and planning permission.

Question: Is my loft suitable for conversion?

Answer: The assessment of your loft space’s suitability for conversion involves many factors, like head height availability, pitch of roof and obstacles of structure such as chimney stacks or water tanks.

Question: What is the total cost of a simple loft conversion?

Answer: The cost of a dormer loft extension will be around £25,000. However, an  average dormer with a double bedroom and en suite costs as much as £40,000–£50,000. (Depends on complexities too) 

Question: Is insurance needed for loft conversion?

Answer: Yes. loft conversion needs insurance to cover the additional new existing structure. This is important as most home insurers will exclude loss or damage even when the property is undergoing alteration or renovation.

Always hire a professional lost converter in Wembley

A successful loft conversion is an asset to your home for aside from adding useful space, the value of your property will be added. However, if the loft conversion is done poorly, it can even reduce your property’s value and the same time, you compromise your safety and the structural integrity of your home.

As you can see, many elements ought to be considered when planning a loft conversion. Use this guide to know the value of a loft conversion. A sound advice from us – Never consider a DIY loft conversion. you will not only waste your money but risk the safety of your home.

Your Loft conversion in Wembley needs experts like us!

However, to be sure loft conversion is built right, it is always right to hire a professional company. You will be guaranteed a quality loft conversion that not only adds space but also adds value to your property. So, if you are looking for experience and expertise, give us a call and we will send our team over. After everything is arranged, you just sit back and relax until it’s time for you to enter your new loft. 

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FAQ's about Loft Conversion answered

Do you have a question about Loft Conversions? We're here to help. Contact our team at Loft Conversion London

  • How can I find out if my Loft in Loft Conversions Wembley can be Converted?

    The minimum height required for a Loft Conversion is 2.2m (from the floor to the highest point in your loft). If you do not have the required height, your ceilings can be lowered on your first floor.

  • How long does a Loft Conversion take to Complete?

    This depends on the size and type of Loft, most loft conversions take around 10-12 weeks. We can give you a more accurate estimation when we see your property.

  • How much does a Loft Conversion in Loft Conversions Wembley Cost?

    Loft Conversion cost is determined by the size and type of the project, the features you would like, etc. Our architect will help you achieve the best use of your space within your budget. Most Lofts cost between £25,000 and £60,000.

  • Will I need to move out during the Loft Conversion?

    No - it's safe to carry on living in your house. Our team starts from the scaffolding before the stairs go in. We always try to limit the disruption during the construction process.

  • Do I need planning permission for a loft conversion in Loft Conversions Wembley?

    Loft Conversions usually fall under the permitted development category therefore planning permission is not normally required. There are some exceptions like conservation areas, flats, or listed buildings. Our in-house surveyors can advise further on planning permission. For more info read our Planning Permission blog.

  • What is a party wall agreement and will I need one for a loft conversion?

    A party wall agreement is also known as PWA is required if you own semi-detached or terraced property. In simple words, if you are working within or near your neighbor’s boundary then you will need a party wall agreement in place. Click here for more info.

  • Does a loft conversion add value to my Loft Conversions Wembley home?

    Yes - it will add from 15% to 25% upwards depending on the size, design, and type of Loft. Read more about adding value here.

  • Will my Loft Conversion be subject to Building regulations?

    Yes, all Loft conversions require building regulation approval from the local authority. These regulations are important to ensure the safety measures are in place and they set a protocol of construction and design to follow.

  • Can I use my own plans?

    Absolutely yes, we will work with you to achieve your dream new living space.

Types of loft conversions


Storage Ideas for your Loft Conversion

How will a custom Loft Conversion make a difference to your Loft Conversions Wembley home

Save Money on Moving Home

Save Money on Moving Home

Increase Value of Home

Increase Value of Home

Add Something New to your House

Add Something New to your House

Increase your House Living Space

Increase your House Living Space


If you are looking for the best way to maximise space in your loft, a loft conversion from Wembley Loft Conversion London is an ideal option. Our experienced team of experts can help you create extra living and storage space in your home with a full range of services, including design, construction, and planning permission. We have a team of experienced professionals who understand the unique needs of loft spaces and can create bespoke solutions that are tailored to your particular home. We offer competitive prices and free initial consultations so you can understand the work involved and decide if it is suitable for your property.


The cost of a loft conversion in Wembley will depend on the size and complexity of the project. However, we offer competitive prices that are tailored to your individual needs. Our team will work with you to create the perfect space for your home while also helping you stay within your budget. We also provide free consultations and quote estimates so that you can get a better idea of what is involved and decide if it is feasible for your property before making any final decisions. We also provide free initial consultations so you can discuss your specific requirements and get an understanding of how much the entire project might cost before committing to any work.


A loft conversion is a great way to create extra living and storage space within your home. It can also be used as an investment, with some experts estimating that a well-executed conversion can add up to 20% to the value of your property. In addition to this, a loft conversion can also provide extra insulation to your home and reduce energy bills. At Loft Conversion London in Wembley, we understand that a loft conversion is an investment, and we strive to ensure that you get the most out of your new space by providing a bespoke service tailored to your needs. Our team of experienced professionals can help you create a unique and functional space for your home. Finally, a loft conversion can create a special living area or office space that is tailored to your individual needs.

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