Loft Conversion Ideas to Choose From

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Loft Conversion Ideas

A loft conversion is a great way of adding space and value to your house cost-effectively. If you have an attic that is still untouched, then you are lucky and should make better use of this part of your home. Loft conversions will help you get the much needed extra functional space that your home needs. You can convert this space to an additional living room, bathroom, bedroom, or even office space. When perfectly done, loft conversions can offer financial rewards if you ever sell your property because they will boost the value of your home. Here are some loft conversion ideas that will help to transform your attic from a cluttered space into a practical, chick room that you will love.

Get Your Loft Conversion Design Right

Before you start working on your loft, it is important to consider the complete layout of your loft conversion. This means that you should make a decision on where the furniture pieces will be positioned, any built-in storage, and the bathroom if you are constructing one. If you plan to build an en suite, then you should take into account the ceiling height in your attic space. This will ensure that your design is practical before you start construction.

Expose the brickwork

You can leave one wall of your new space unpainted and expose your brickwork to create a stylish feature that looks great, particularly in an attic that has slanting ceilings. If your brickwork is not in good condition, then you can opt to use wallpapers that will help you achieve the same look. With wallpapers, you do not have to remove the plaster as they can be fitted onto your wall.

Check the Attic Height

Before you make a decision on what function you want the extra space to serve, you should scrutinize your space carefully. If you discover that you have a double-height room then you can consider creating a mezzanine level of the attic. This will give you a desirable look that has plenty of appeals. With a double-height space, you can create a sleeping area that is above a living room or an extra bedroom with a bathroom on the mezzanine floor.

Manage without a staircase

If you are converting the loft to add extra storage space, you can opt to add a strong and durable ladder for easy access the loft above. This is an excellent way of maximizing your unused space without the need to construct expensive staircases. It can also be an amazing feature for a perfect hideout whenever you need some personal time.

Plan Your Storage

You should consider creating a customized wardrobe if you are converting your attic space into an extra bedroom. This will help you to get maximum utilisation for your space. With the low-level sloped ceiling, you do not have adequate space to accommodate the standard, ready-made furniture. This is why you need to think outside the box and make use of an awkward space. You can construct handy recesses into the attic to make a great addition to your new contemporary bathroom, particularly when it is designed to complement the existing décor.

Create a Feature Wall to Spark Interest

Many people opt for white when they want to create an illusion of a lighter and larger space. However, not every homeowner prefers a one-shade scheme. You can opt for patterned wallpaper, especially one that features a subtle repeat print. It should also have a light hue to help add more interest in your space.  You can create an illusion of more wall length by positioning your feature wall at the end of the room.

Maximize on Natural Light

You should think about the position and size of your windows in the loft conversion design. The position of windows will be determined by the shape of the roof, for example, deeper, narrow rooms will look better with one large window, while shallow rooms need windows that are evenly spaced along its length. Every attic space will vary in size and shape, and you should carefully consider the type of window that will perfectly suit your new room.

Highlight Slanted Ceiling

When it comes to loft conversions, you should never be put off by tiny spaces and awkwardly shaped ceilings. You can use patterned wallpaper on a small panel or the entire room to create a unique look. Wallpaper is perfect for adding instant personality to your space and you should choose a design that you love. If you are converting your loft into a bedroom, make sure that you go for muted colours for a restful feel.

Showcase your Creativity

A restricted footprint of most attic spaces should not affect your creative flair. You can add significant value to your loft conversion with a stylish bathroom. With the sloped ceilings, you will have a dramatic frame for your stylish bathtub underneath. For the small spaces in your loft conversion design, go for bold wallpaper design as they will help to give an illusion of a bigger space. Furthermore, a big-patterned feature wall will add personality in a small compact room and will give your new functional space a focal point.

A practical attic conversion can transform the look, feel, and functionality of your home. Keep in mind that loft conversions are not possible for everyone; however, if you have attic space, then it is worth to convert your loft into a functional room. A professional loft conversion will add about 10 to 20% to the value of your property without the need of sacrificing extra garden space that is needed by ground floor extensions. For the best loft conversion, find a company that has the expertise and experience handling attic conversions.



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