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If you answered a big "YES" to the questions above then, you have landed on a skilled and sought-after loft conversion company in the beautiful suburbs of Notting Hill. The affluent district of Notting Hill is famous for its slum housing before and for the small spaces. With the Loft Conversion services, let's turn your extra spaces into a new product space.

The Fashionable and Iconic Notting Hill

Instagrammable and pastel-colored houses attract many property developers and buyers. Other than that, film stars stroll and lounge in a nearby coffee shop. With this, Notting Hill homes are the best to convert the lofts to a living space. Fashionable and iconic makes Notting Hill an ideal place to increase your home's value through a loft conversion.

Increase Your Home's Value with Loft Conversion

A loft conversion is trending all over Europe as it's an efficient and sure way to increase your property's value without the need to move out. It's proven that a Loft Conversion in Notting Hill can add as much as 25% value, which means a high return is expected in the long term. Space will never be an issue again when you avail of our service. Loft Conversion is the most popular home improvement among families in the district. You can never go wrong with converting your loft into something spacious as it's cheaper than moving homes and can enhance your living expenses.

Now that you know Loft Conversion increases the value of your home, you might be wondering what are the other benefits in converting your loft in Notting Hill.

Extra Living Space

Turn a "dead space" into a "living space" by converting your loft. It can make a big difference when you clean up your so-called attic above your head. It can turn into an office, study, gym, or project room where you can fill it with your passion. Your family will love the extra living space too. It's surprising just how much ample living space will waste when your loft isn't converted.

Practicality Matters

It is an excellent opportunity to clear out clutter and sort out the items you can trash or donate. Yes, you may be losing storage space, but know that the converted loft can also prevent you from purchasing trinkets or items you won't use more than a few times.

Planning Permission

You don't need to secure stressful planning permission from the government or any institution for some loft conversion. No need to pay taxes and have other people approve your plan before the conversion. Loft conversions are usually relatively simple in terms of legislation. Unless you plan to alter the exterior of the building, loft conversion does not need planning permission. However, some loft conversion requires planning permission, but that will be part of the quotation.

Saves Your Precious Outdoor Space

Remodeling a home with building an additional extension or moving out can take a toll on your garden and living outdoor space of relaxation and fun. With a loft conversion, you don't need to worry about those things. What's excellent about a loft conversion is that it doesn't need to sacrifice any precious outdoor spaces. A roof space conversion means you can extend upwards instead of outwards, so you won't be eating away at what precious space you have outdoors.

Why Choose Loft Conversion Notting Hill?

We are the most reliable and efficient Loft Conversion company in Notting Hill, with many positive customer feedbacks and referrals from past clients. No doubt, we are excellent in the services we offer until their completion.

  • All-around Design Planner

We can tailor to your design requirements and incorporate your ideas into a formal design plan.

  • Fixed Prices

There are no hidden charges on your billing. We won't surprise you with any additional fee as our prices are all fixed from the quotation we'll provide for you. Everything is clear and concise.

  • Loft Modification Genius

We undertake all specialists, custom modification like adding Juliet balconies, skylights, and lots more.

  • Start To Finish Project Management

From the full start of project design and planning to getting permits, we will provide you with our unparalleled service if necessary until the very last detail of your loft conversion.

  • Expert Team and Warranty

We've been an expert on a loft conversion for decades, and we're happy you'll get to experience our insurmountable expert team. We offer a full 10-year warranty on the loft conversion.

No Hassle Loft Conversion in Notting Hill

We know how difficult it is to live in a noisy place. That's why we keep it to a minimum while working in your loft conversion in Notting Hill. We make sure not to disturb you and your family while we're doing. The arrangement of our building hours will be part of our planning. We'll work around your work schedule and bring all the work supplies and material via the scaffolding.

Although encountering us working on your loft is unavoidable, we guarantee your safety and protective precautions are in observance to protect your flooring, furniture, and walls from any damage. We will do the whole process from designing, planning, and getting necessary permits, such as permission from the relevant building authorities. Nevertheless, we will make sure your plans or ideas include the actual project.

We will assign a reliable and successful site manager that can assist you in all of your queries. If you have any questions about our loft conversion in your Notting Hill home, he'll be the guy to answer you. Moreover, one of our superb supervisors will discuss with you all of the requirements and specifications that you need to know before we start converting. You can ask any questions you may have at that time. After that we will create an affordable loft conversion plan for your project based on the discussed details.

What if you have a limited small loft space in your Notting Hill home?

It's normal to have a small loft. We can work around what size of attic you have and plan a suitable design for it. Don't worry about the limited space as we are experts in making sure all the areas get converted into a conventional living space. Did you also know the colors have the power to make a room look and feel bigger? We suggest opting for a light-colored scheme, ideally white, which will make your loft room much lighter and more extensive. Decorate the room with soft furnishing of a darker shade, which will ensure the room gets a cozy feel to it. It all depends upon what you intend to use the spare loft room for.

Additional Things You Should Know Before We Start

Here is some other stuff we thought you should be aware of before doing a loft conversion in your Notting Hill home.

  • Different type of loft conversions have different time frames – There is no size-fits-all loft conversion timeline. Some loft conversions in Notting Hill can finish as early as four weeks, while some take about eight weeks to complete. It depends on the materials, the loft's size, and other natural conditions such as the weather. Don't worry. We're confident we will complete the project on-time, as discussed.
  • Airtight Ventilation on the roof space – A controlled ventilation is essential to avoid any risk of condensation and maintain the excellent air quality in your loft. Ventilation in your attic can be via the means of background ventilation such as airbricks and trickle vents, and rapid Ventilation via windows, and extract Ventilation in wet areas, such as kitchen and bathroom.
  • New staircase for a newly converted loft: With a modern loft comes to a new staircase that complements it. We recommend putting it on the roof ridge. It's best to use the extra space on the height above the staircase. He required minimum size above the pitch line is 2m, which can be reduced to 1.9m towards the center and further 1.8m to the stairs' side.
  • A new ceiling joist is much like needed – This is important so that the new one can take a conversation floor load. You can talk with our structural engineer about this material.


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We want to hear from you and allow you to make your loft a better space. You don't need to move out or make drastic changes to your home. Loft conversion in Notting Hill will increase the value of your home and, at the same time, give you extra living space. Call us right now and experience the fantastic change loft conversion can do to you and your home!


Hip to Gable Loft Conversion Notting Hill

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion Notting Hill

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion extends your house on the sloping side by replacing the roof with a vertical wall called the Gable. This gives maximum internal head height and floor space. Hip to Gable loft conversions are ideal for Notting Hill homeowners with semi-detached, end of terraced, bungalows or detached properties. We provide full planning, design to build service.

Dormer Loft Conversion Notting Hill

Dormer Loft Conversion Notting Hill

Dormer Loft Conversion is the most popular type of Loft Conversion undertaken by Notting Hill homeowners. This is simply the extension of the existing roof vertically that allows extra additional floor space and headroom. There are height requirements of at least two metres or higher, with no need for planning permission in many cases.

Velux Loft Conversion Notting Hill

Velux Loft Conversion Notting Hill

Velux or Roof Light Loft Conversion is the simplest and economical of all Loft Conversions in Notting Hill. The roof of your house remains unchanged, we only install attractive Velux windows that bring in plenty of natural light. As the roof structure remains intact, no planning is required. Velux Loft Conversions require considerably less construction work compared to the others and are less disruptive too.

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