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Where is Central London?

Located in the most inner part of London-Central London crossing several boroughs. Known as the heart of London; the city is very well planned and properly connected with other major cities. The city is also famous for being the centre of the commercial and tourist hub of Central London.

Central London is one of the most desirable areas for families to live because of the abundant green spaces and low crime rates.

So, why go for a loft conversion in Central London?

Central London authorities provide several numbers of facilities to the people who live here. Additionally, with the increasing popularity and demand for houses in this area, a loft conversion can increase the value of your house. And you can also rent your house if you don't want to use that spare area.

Converting your attic into the functional area ultimately results in addition to the value of the property. It also saves you from paying a huge amount of money as converting your loft and reshaping it into a bigger and better form is the best way to go about it.

Plus it gives you opportunities to plan your house according to what you want it to be.

If you have a grown-up family or teenagers, surely you are looking for a bigger home right!!! So, consider loft conversion, as it not only helps you in getting the desired space but saves you from the hassle of moving.

Confused which type of conversion you should opt for? Well! Here we are sharing a list of conversions types to choose from

Hip-to-Gable Loft conversion - Hip-to-gable is a perfect option for semi-detached and detached houses. A terraced house generally does not have the required hip, and the roof slope needs to be turned into a vertical line. This conversion is best suitable for chalets and bungalows. If you are looking for a reasonably sizable loft space as standard, we recommend you to go for hip-to-gable conversion. As a major benefit, it often falls under permitted planning permission, so you may not need to take any approval from planning permission. However, typically we seek a Certificate of Lawful Development from the council to avoid any future disputes. It's also significantly more aesthetically pleasing, which means if you are looking for any exterior of your house to give your home a seamless and natural look regardless of its era, a hip-to-gable loft conversion may be the way to go

Dormer Loft conversion - A dormer loft conversion means building a box-like structure upon the roof that extends out from the slope of the roof. It can vary according to your budget and the size of the attic. L-shaped Dormer conversion can extend across the body of a house, and designed explicitly for Victorian type homes which have a rear extension with a kitchen and bathroom. Plus it also provides you with an extra floor. A dormer loft conversion is more popular among others, as it is very simple and to build and takes less time than others. Significantly, they also add plenty of space. Plus the vertical walls that you can use with a variety of windows that you'd like, using different materials too. It helps in maximizing sunlight. It is also loved because it is suitable for nearly any home with any shape and size of the roof.

Mansard loft conversion -  A mansard loft conversion requires using a traditional sloped roof and then extending one side of the roof to make it vertical at the walls and horizontal on top. However, it required a lot of work and changed the structural integrity of the roof entirely; the end result would be mind blowing. It drastically increases space that is almost the equivalent of adding a full extra floor to the house due to the near verticality of the walls. Can easily perform it on detached, semi-detached, and terraced houses. A mansard loft conversion almost always requires planning permission though it affects both roof shape and structure and thus doesn't fall into the realms of permitted development as some other types of a loft conversion.

Rooflight loft conversions - Also know a Velux loft conversion, convert the current roof space into a loft. Among other types of loft conversion that involve directly changing the structure of a roof, a roof light loft conversion seeks instead to utilize what is already there. This is also one the cheapest types of conversion and does not make any major changes in existing space as they don't need to alter the roof itself structurally. It also gets completed faster than other methods of the loft conversion.

The process of loft conversion -

We plan everything beforehand, and we initiate construction only after our client's consent. Our work approach keeps us ahead from all of our competitors. We believe in clearing all sorts of ambiguity before moving forward with renovation work.

Take a look at our renovation process-

Understand your vision -

Our specialists take an ample amount of time to know about your dream project and expectations. Once we understand your requirements, we share with you the best possible layout based on your desires.

Planning -

Before moving ahead, there is some paperwork that needs to be done. Considering the authority and completing this process as fast as we could, we pave a path to continue to your dreams.

Let's begin -

With the completion of the previous tasks, our academically qualified builders, electricians, painters, plumbers, and carpenters set off to work with full passion and do not let their focus change till the very last day.

How much can a conversion cost?

As a thumb rule, the more a loft conversion alters your house the more it is going to cost you. However, there are several other methods to save cost, and a few types of loft conversion are less disruptive and cost less.

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