Do Home Renovations Increase Property Value

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The answer is a big YES! Good day to all home owners! We have been working for a home improvement company for over a decade .  Just like you, we look at the future of our own houses as one of our valuable assets. We always find ways and means to increase its value but I know that depreciation plays its role in assessing home value and what can be done about that.

Think about home renovation

Here are home some tips as guidelines for future renovations of your home investment.

Begin your preparation slowly

As soon as you buy your home, get to know it well. Note what improvements will be good for the future. As you settle at your place, envision and list future improvements. No need to be technical, just write as it is. Do you plan to live in the house for many years? But if you have other plans, let our company help you with your plans.

In writing the list, consider the time and money involved in the improvement. Be. realistic but you can dream of adding an outdoor pool that would be quite expensive! Review your list and come down to reality. Separate facts of your your dreams and the realistic. Opt for the priorities.

After you have decided on your plan, made your decision to begin and we will be more than happy to lend our assistance for you to see what return the improvement will bring. Some improvements offer higher values compared with others.

See what home improvement can be done from room to room

As you do this, new ideas will be created. Do not expect a grandiose creation, as even simple one can have terrific results. Even a simple coat of paint or knocking down a wall cab be great. If you are pressed for time, choose one that fits your time-frame,  your comfort zone and budget.

Small improvements can mean a lot to improve home value

Take our good advise when we tell you that even a bit of improvement will actually pay off. Upgrading your home may not involve complicated work as it could just be as simple as just replacing old faucets, putting fancy lighting and installing new doors. Buy new furniture and exhibit your artwork collection and replacing classic windows. Upgrade your electric plugs or purchase a tiny innovative lamp. Do monthly upgrades and be happy about it for the results are fantastic!

Renovation tips to upgrade the value of your house

  1. Enhance light and provide bigger space

Successful home renovations provide wider and well-lighted spaces. Gloomy and cramped rooms are out; Home value goes up by improving the entrance of natural light in open spaces. By knocking  down some walls, you can create create more spaces and light. An open floor plan makes a house appear larger and is better for entertaining. It does not cause much to knock down a wall!

  1. Improve landscape & curb appeal

Houses with curb appeals are easier to sell for it makes lasting impression that can add about 5% to its value. Paint house exterior and enhance other features for aesthetic purpose. Keep the driveway neat and pave properly with all its lawn spaces in good order. Add drought resistant plants to complement cleverly designed furniture on deck.

  1. Create a home office

With the benefit of telecommute apps, you can utilize some extra space as home office. Provide plenty of work space, and install well- grounded outlets, as well as, adequate data ports and an extra phone line.

  1. Build a deck

Adding a deck into your home will likely add more value. If you choose to install a deck, plan it carefully and provide comfy seats or a fire pit for BBQ nights. Using high grade materials will increase the house value and longevity lifetime of your deck.

  1. Complete your basement

Your basement can create added space and since basements are so versatile,  it can be used for any event, as as a bar, playroom for the kids or entertainment room. If you do want to utilize your basement, you can add a bathroom that can easily increase the value of your home.

  1. Renovate or add more Bathrooms

Bathrooms are an important parts of any home. If there are not enough bathrooms in your home or your bathrooms are outdated, it will easily turn off potential and interested buyers. By changing bathroom, fixtures  and keeping all amenities updated, you have increased sale appeal of your home.

  1. Remodel your kitchen

As kitchen is the most important part of any home, it must be kept modern and interesting. There will lots of expenses aside from cost of materials  When planning a kitchen remodel, consider the cost versus the value. So take a close look at costs when you update your kitchen.

Home projects that increase resale value

It is important to evaluate your project as some offer you higher and more value when it comes to resale than others. In summary, here are some that create the best financial impact:

1,  Spic and span kitchen with complete and modern conveniences, new styles with updated kitchen features and appliances.

2. Modernized bathrooms with the latest appliances and feature innovative style and design.

3. Outdoor improvements that include sidings and attractive landscaping. A flower garden can double and triple its value.

4. Overall good aesthetic look and condition with and neat appearance especially the roof and windows.

In conclusion, We encourage home improvement for it is the best option to increase the value of your home. Home Renovation London  can help you increase your property value. 


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