Loft Conversion Ideas for your London Home

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Loft conversion ideas for your London home


Space is an important aspect in terms of living. Effective usage of space in a given area is still a challenging work for the designers. The architecture has to perfect so that the building comes with minimal or no flaws. There are many ways to transform a given area into a beautiful atmosphere. One such technique is the loft conversion. A loft conversion is a methodology of converting the extra space available in the loft and attic into a usable functional area. These spaces are designed carefully so that maximum utilization is brought out from the given area.

Design and structure

The beauty of the building lies in its design. With the perfect architecture, one can create enormous structures with elegancy. Considering a developed area, it is quite difficult to find large areas to furnish the luxury you desire. Hence an alternate can aid you by giving the necessary benefits at an affordable cost. With loft conversions being our major, we provide you the best solutions.


The ideology of loft conversion dates back to the 17th century. From then it has been evolved into various forms as per the needs and the area available to the people. Space can be converted to any form of room you desire. Be it a living room, study room, bedroom, or an office workspace, anything can be structured with loft conversions.


With this being said, let us introduce you to the types of prominent loft conversion available.


Dormer Loft Conversion

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

Mansard Loft Conversion

Velux Loft Conversion

L Shaped Loft Conversion

All these conversions satisfy your requirements with class.

Ideas for your London home

Before settling with an idea, make sure that you venture out the resources and the services available. Resolve your conflicts with an idealistic solution so you may seek what you dreamt of. Here are some of the interesting solutions that you may ponder before jumping into a conclusion. Some best ways where the loft conversions aid you are:


Extensible living area - This can be an extended living area where you could accommodate the guests and have a happy chat-out.

Private Bedroom - With this, you can have a private bedroom with all the necessary facilities intact.

Kids Fun Park - Kids tend to have fun in their means. Providing them with a special fun space makes them a lot happier.

Study room - It’s time for your kids to have a separate study room to focus on their academic activities.

Recording Studio - Are you passionate about music? Then this can be your ideal space to spread your voice to the world.

Workspace - Be it any type of work you are into, you require a dedicated space to use your full potential. This will enhance your productivity levels.

Warehouse - You can also use this space to stock your materials and use them for your business purposes.

Mini party-hall - Well now you don’t have to hire places for partying because you can create one and rent it out when not in use.

GYM/ workout spaces - these areas can be best suited for workouts and other related activities. One can train here as and when he/she desires.

Bathroom - Last but not the least, if you wish to have a luxury bathroom well now you can create one with the area available to you.

Ways to plan loft conversions the right way –


Plan your space that you are wishing to convert. Once you have fixed the space, you can contemplate the type of loft conversion.

Once the design has been planned, sketch the necessary outlines and types of products you wish to use.

Make sure that your plan receives the maximum amount of sunlight because this ensures most of the lighting part for your room.

Furnish the room with the appropriate décor suiting the color and structure.

Maximize the storage area by using convertible furniture or shelves. These will help you to avail the best area out of it.

Keep it simple yet stylish. Use the latest adaptable products which save you from cost as well as provide better functionalities.

Décor your surrounding area with the greens so that you may not be deprived of fresh air and soothing appearance.

For whatever purpose you are deliberating the room, make sure it fits 100% of your requirements. If not make some necessary alterations so that you can live your dream space.

Use all the angles wisely. The one thing with the loft conversion is that you will be left with quite a few numbers of angles. These can be adored when used wistfully

The entrance points should be well designed so that it matches with the stairs perfectly.

Know your regulations. Though it is remodeling the extra area you possess, it does require some permissions and formalities.

Well, that’s a quite lot of information to look at. Be it any form of construction it requires authentic planning before fetching the result. We offer the clients with the best of resources and services. All the permissions are properly taken care of with due notifications. We show our hands clean by exhibiting transparency in every single detail. As the modern environment quenches for a different space, we are ready to satiate them with the marvel they could never imagine.



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