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Introduction to Loft Conversion

Loft conversion has become the new trend almost everyone is considering to get a loft conversion. This process of loft conversion has become so popular because it allows owners to add some extra living space to the present home, without incurring huge charges. With the increase in demand for loft conversions, there has also been an increase in demand for agencies that undertake loft conversion projects. Some agencies charge way too much and offer improper services and you get a moderately good lofted room.

If you are looking for agencies to help you with a loft conversion in Chelmsford, then you should consider doing business with Loft Conversion London. We are one of the best companies who offer Loft conversion services and our services are fairly priced and completely professional.

Advantages of Getting a Loft Conversion in Chelmsford

A loft conversion is a simple process where the attic of the house is remodeled and reinforced so that it can be used as a proper bedroom or any other room. Not all houses are the same so it is not possible to do the same kind of loft conversion in every single house, there are various types of loft conversions, and the cost of getting these loft conversions also differs. The purpose of a loft conversion remains the same and here are some advantages of it.

  • Availability of Extra Room

You might be living in a 2 bedroom house and sooner or later you will need an extra bedroom or an extra room to accommodate your family. Having an extra room is always an advantage as you can invite guests, have parties, or even use the extra room to meditate or use the room to follow a passion like music or art.

This extra room might be the exact addition to the house you might be waiting for and having an extra room has almost no disadvantages.

  • Incurring Less Cost

Normally, if you need some extra space you would move to a different house or get an extra story constructed above your house. This is a huge investment and you would have to shell out a lot of money. Even if you are thinking of moving to a better house with some extra rooms, you would have to spend a lot on the transport of furniture and other goods.

Rather than spending so much on shifting, it is better to use the same amount of money to get a loft conversion. This would save a lot of time and money and you get to customize the room however you want.

  • Increase in the Property Value

The biggest advantage of getting a loft conversion is that it increases the property value by 15-20%. When you sell the house you can show the lofted room to be an exclusive feature of the house and most of the houses with a lofted room are attractive and sell fast. If you invest 15,000 on a loft conversion you get the invested 15,000 plus 15-20% profit on that. So getting a loft conversion is an investment rather than an expense.

  • Energy Efficient

You can make your house energy efficient simply by installing solar panels and by getting a loft conversion. When you get a loft conversion there is plenty of sunlight inside the room and you don't have to invest in LED bulbs or any other lighting equipment. This natural light is also a source of vitamin D and this light can help in preventing a lot of diseases.

Why Choose Loft Conversion London for your Chelmsford Loft Conversion

  • Complete Loft Solutions

We at Loft Conversion London offer the best services when it comes to loft conversions. While other agencies focus on cost-cutting and increasing profits, we focus on customer satisfaction and maintaining the quality of work. All the workers who we employ are experts in their field and they complete their work with utmost dedication. We even offer expert planning to help you choose which style of the loft should be implemented and how you can work on the interior and the exterior of the house.

  • Experienced and skilled Labour

We have gained a reputation of being one of the best loft conversion agencies and all of the glory and satisfied customer base that we developed is a result of the experts who work for us. We believe in offering only the best services and our team doesn't take any shortcuts, every single person who works with us has gone through a strict screening process, and this way we select only the best employees. Let it be designers, architects, builders, and even manual labor workers.

  • Overall Supervision

When you are planning to get a loft conversion, you might think that it is important to supervise all the activities but when you do business with us, you don't have to worry about establishing your presence to get things done. We have a completely professional work system and all the workers know the jobs exactly and they complete their tasks within the stipulated amount of time given to them. We even help you cut down some costs by ordering the products from our contacts and since we have a good relationship with our dealers, we can procure the required materials at much lower costs. You don't have to worry about a single thing because we are one of the most experienced companies offering loft conversion services.

  • Transparency

You as a client have to be very careful while working with loft conversion agencies because some builders show you some unrealistic options for a loft conversion and promise you that they can convert your loft in a very similar style but sometimes implement g the same style is impossible and after the project is done you will be entirely disappointed. We at loft conversion London are extremely transparent with our clients and if we think that implementing something is not possible, we tell that to our clients and then look for the next best alternative.

Ideas for the Loft Room in Chelmsford

We at Loft Conversion London have some of the most creative and talented interior and exterior designers and they can help you convert your dream room into a reality by using their skills. Some good ideas for a lofted room are

  • Gaming Room

Almost Everybody now is an online games enthusiast and to play these games peacefully, sometimes you need a completely different setup and comfortable place. You can convert your loft room into a gaming room and we can help you in installing special digital lights and other gaming equipment that can help you get into the zone. You can also use this environment to start streaming and online games streaming has a huge scope and now is the best time to start something new.

  • Indoor Library

You might like reading books and to read and enjoy books to the fullest, you need a dedicated room where there is absolutely no nice and no disturbance. We suggest you convert the lofted room into an indoor library because you can now store as many books as you want and whenever you feel like reading you can sit down beneath the beautiful natural light and enjoy reading like never before. There will also be no disturbances and you can read books for as much time as you want.

  • Home Office

Work from home has become a common thing now and most of the companies are asking their employees to work from home even after the pandemic is gone. Working from home has certain benefits but you should also have a dedicated space where you can work without anybody interrupting you. We suggest you convert the lofted room into a home office as you can now set up a perfect work table with all the required equipment and work without anybody interrupting you. Having a dedicated home office can also help in better focus and easier concentration and thus can help in increasing the efficiency at work.


Getting a loft conversion is not a simple thing and this involves spending money and time. It is important that you plan everything and choose the right dealers because once the loft conversion is done, you cannot choose to go back and remodel it again. The charges to remodel it would be too high and you would just end up with a room that you don't like. It is suggested that you go with Loft Conversion London because we have served hundreds of clients and we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. You can visit our website to know more about our services and if you want the best loft conversion, pick up your phone and contact us right now.


Storage Ideas for your Loft Conversion

How will a custom Loft Conversion make a difference to your Chelmsford home

Save Money on Moving Home

Save Money on Moving Home

Increase Value of Home

Increase Value of Home

Add Something New to your House

Add Something New to your House

Increase your House Living Space

Increase your House Living Space


Hip to Gable Loft Conversion Chelmsford

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion Chelmsford

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion extends your house on the sloping side by replacing the roof with a vertical wall called the Gable. This gives maximum internal head height and floor space. Hip to Gable loft conversions are ideal for Chelmsford homeowners with semi-detached, end of terraced, bungalows or detached properties. We provide full planning, design to build service.

Dormer Loft Conversion Chelmsford

Dormer Loft Conversion Chelmsford

Dormer Loft Conversion is the most popular type of Loft Conversion undertaken by Chelmsford homeowners. This is simply the extension of the existing roof vertically that allows extra additional floor space and headroom. There are height requirements of at least two metres or higher, with no need for planning permission in many cases.

Velux Loft Conversion Chelmsford

Velux Loft Conversion Chelmsford

Velux or Roof Light Loft Conversion is the simplest and economical of all Loft Conversions in Chelmsford. The roof of your house remains unchanged, we only install attractive Velux windows that bring in plenty of natural light. As the roof structure remains intact, no planning is required. Velux Loft Conversions require considerably less construction work compared to the others and are less disruptive too.

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