We all are in some way or the other looking for alterations or modifications that make our place look trendy and elegant. Sometimes to adjust spaces for our families, the other times to increase the cost value of the place.  For this, the most viable solution will be a loft conversion. At Loft Conversion London, we are ready to help you with everything that you need to know about before planning to get a loft conversion done.


A loft conversion is becoming a trend as it makes the most efficient use of ‘dead’ space to create an extra room, rather than extending your way out towards the open. It is a very popular way of creating extra space and removing unwanted corners from your house. It is practiced in almost every country of the world. The conversion is sometimes simple and requires less construction and sometimes it requires heavy disruptions if the space is large. It often costs less per square metre to convert a loft rather than build a conventional extension, as much of the structure you need is already in place.

There are various types of Loft Conversion that we offer. We suggest apt conversions according to the space you have and the type of requirement. You may have to sometimes break a wall and build it a different way and in some conversions, you have to make changes in the ceilings. 

Breif Guide about Brentwood

For someone who is looking for a posh and tranquil place to settle in, Brentwood is your best option. Situated in the aesthetic part of Essex, it is well-connected to the rest of the country by both road and rail. Essex has properties that are economically a little more than what people would want to pay, but the quality of life is definitely worth it all. Surrounded by luscious greens and other attractions, it is one of the most sought after options for its suburban theme.

It is comparatively one of the safest areas, with a bare-minimum crime rate. The town is free from the dramatic economic differences in the lifestyle or bad neighbourhoods.  The town centre itself is a very desirable place to live, thanks to its transport connections and proximity to a number of intriguing elements. With all of these amenities, the rates of the properties in the area are rather modest. If you can manage to get a place, buying a home here could be an important asset and investment.


What would you prefer, working with what you already have or getting something entirely new at a way more expensive note? If your answer, like a smart citizen, is the first option then loft conversion is the right path you should be taking. Loft conversion helps you make the best investment in your life by increasing approximately 15-20% of your property’s value.


At Loft conversion Brentwood, London  we offer you with any assistance you want that’ll help you to carry out almost all types of loft conversions and we even give you expert consultation after analysing your requirements and needs for a loft conversion.

This is an extensive planning which requires complete attention, whenever you are planning to get any loft conversion done. And we are the experts in planning. Only white-hat solutions and suggestions to your problems, no compromise. Our company policy includes transparency between us and the client, right from the start. We take care of everything and there is nothing that you should worry about.

Experts from all fields work hard to make sure that everything is as you want it to be. We make sure that our clients are satisfied and if our clients are happy then we are happy.

We are always ready to make your imagination turn into reality. We help you convert your lofts in a creative and unique way, maybe in a way that you would have never thought.


There are some primarily important steps that are needed to be taken into consideration whenever you are planning to get a loft conversion done. While converting any type of loft space, this initial planning will help you to get the best out of your investment for a loft conversion. First things first, scaffolding is something that should be done on a high priority. The team first decides where scaffolding needs to be erected then the task is further proceeded to be done. A strong floor ensures an even stronger base of the whole house which is done by creating access through the rooftop and afterwards installing the steel beams. An inspection of the building  is something that can never be neglected, in order to approve the further changes. If needed, the process of modification making and the consent is taken care of by a building inspector. The second inspection occurs after  a dormer/mansard or a hip to gable frame is chosen as the loft-type. According to the building regulations, the fit insulation and partition task is seen. The next step would right away be the installation of the doors and windows. An opening for the staircase is created on the floor after which the electrical work is proceeded. The fittings of the switches, sockets, electrical wiring, etc are done followed by the plumbing work by fitting radiators and bathroom facilities. Based on client choice, the flooring and skirting gets fixed. Once all the above steps are gotten over with, a final inspection is carried out for the building and safety precautions like fire regulation.


A normal loft conversion costs around £40,000 to a maximum of £70,000 on average which includes the VAT as well as fee payments. This cost can vary depending on the size of the loft and the complexity of the loft conversion. We make sure that you are spending as low as possible. We assure our clients that their budget is made according to their needs and affordability. We are always there for negotiations and customizations.


It is uncertain to tell how much time will your loft space need to do the whole process. However long the completion of loft conversion takes, that depends on the kind of loft you want, the material used in the loft, type of staircase and plumbing, the number of rooms needed, windows that need to be added, and a group of other factors. Since there are so many options available for converting a loft, to be able to tell the exact duration of a loft being crafted is rather difficult. Mostly loft conversions take around 8-10 weeks to complete.

In the first-week work inside the loft and outside your home is done. The scaffolding is inserted and an opening in the roof is made to gain complete access to space. Then when all the material is ready, improvements will be made to the roof and more structure will be added to give it more strength if needed.

The next few weeks will be all about installing the floor in the given loft space and starting the building of the dormers. The external roof work will get completed within this timeframe and the electrical, as well as the plumbing work, will begin. Then installation of roof windows, insulation and ventilation work along with internal stud walls is carried out.

Around weeks 6-7, the plaster and the plasterboard work will be added to the loft room walls. The new staircase will be added to the room after breaking a space opening. The staircase area will then be plastered as well. At the end of this week, the builder will start with specific decorations of your loft. After 8-10 weeks, your loft will be completed.


When planning to get a loft conversion done at your place, make sure you’ve done the complete research work completely. A well planned loft can increase the cost value as well as the aesthetic value of your place by ten folds, whereas a lousy and unplanned loft might shrink your bank balance like anything. According to statistics, if a loft conversion is done well - and especially if you are converting it into a bedroom or a bathroom - it could provide a 15% to 20% return on investment.

Adding an ensuite bedroom and bathroom might cost a little more than simply enclosing the space into, maybe, just a room that could be used as a home office or storage space, but with that by doing that, you are essentially adding a room count to your existing investment. Your already crafted ‘two-bedroom with a bath’ home can now be considered a ‘three-bedroom, two-bath’, adding a lot of value to the sale potential or rental desirability.

Now, it is very important to not only religiously consult a properly licensed architect and/or a contractor to craft something extraordinary from the unused space, but also make sure that the local realtor who determines the market demand is also kept handy. Keep in mind that loft conversions are usually, but not always, smaller spaces, so demand in urban settings will probably be higher since space is already at a premium. A loft conversion is likely only worth the investment if done appropriately, but ultimately, you will just need to do a good marketing research to ensure that your investment is worth the returns.

Taking a step up the property ladder in order to gain the desired extra space, can be more than worth it, even if you are staying in the local area and honestly, we’d be more than happy to provide you with a no-obligation valuation on your property and advise you what kind of loft conversions will homes like your demand. 

A few expenses here and there (such as solicitor’s fees and stamp duty)  are involved with moving that need to be weighed up against the cost of carrying out a loft conversion. With our local knowledge, we could definitely be available to point you in the direction of recommended solicitors and independent financial advisors.

We, at Loft Conversion Brentwood, add a layer of safety by reinforcing the room and the flooring and follow procedures that exceed the basic safety norms. We make sure that the roof stays intact and the ceiling doesn't fall off even though there is a natural calamity.


Loft Conversion Brentwood believes that a loft isn’t just any interior alteration, it is an investment that can do wonders to your pre-existing space. Planning is the priority of the process and should only be consulted by a specialized team. At Loft Conversion Brentwood, we work for customer satisfaction.  A well-crafted loft will add profit value and provide extra space. However, a poorly constructed loft will hamper the safety of the residence and compromise on the structural strength of the house. So, it’s important to make sure to consult a specialist. So, what are you waiting for?


Storage Ideas for your Loft Conversion

How will a custom Loft Conversion make a difference to your Brentwood home

Save Money on Moving Home

Save Money on Moving Home

Increase Value of Home

Increase Value of Home

Add Something New to your House

Add Something New to your House

Increase your House Living Space

Increase your House Living Space


Hip to Gable Loft Conversion Brentwood

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion Brentwood

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion extends your house on the sloping side by replacing the roof with a vertical wall called the Gable. This gives maximum internal head height and floor space. Hip to Gable loft conversions are ideal for Brentwood homeowners with semi-detached, end of terraced, bungalows or detached properties. We provide full planning, design to build service.

Dormer Loft Conversion Brentwood

Dormer Loft Conversion Brentwood

Dormer Loft Conversion is the most popular type of Loft Conversion undertaken by Brentwood homeowners. This is simply the extension of the existing roof vertically that allows extra additional floor space and headroom. There are height requirements of at least two metres or higher, with no need for planning permission in many cases.

Velux Loft Conversion Brentwood

Velux Loft Conversion Brentwood

Velux or Roof Light Loft Conversion is the simplest and economical of all Loft Conversions in Brentwood. The roof of your house remains unchanged, we only install attractive Velux windows that bring in plenty of natural light. As the roof structure remains intact, no planning is required. Velux Loft Conversions require considerably less construction work compared to the others and are less disruptive too.

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