Why have a Loft Conversion in London?

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We all love some extra space, and practically every household struggles to find that and balance with perfection. 'Lofft Conversion London' can help you to implement incredible solutions according to your needs by adding some benefit to this. You can revamp your home, but the loft conversion is one of the best ways to take it all to the new level of extra space.

Below we are highlighting the main benefits of loft conversion -

  • That desired extra space - No one wants to move again as it costs money and is a real headache. And if you have children, it's an added annoyance of moving schools. If your family is growing or you are trying to find out some extra space for your kids or looking for a dedicated room to spend some quiet time and relaxation, a loft conversion could be the best option for you. Have your loft professional 'House extension London' expert to do quality work for you.
  • Convenient and Cheaper than moving - Moving to a bigger house may be your dream, though, for more people, money, time and stress make this problematic. Converting your loft can be cheaper, quicker and less fuss rather them relocating. House extension London has worked on this and found that moving to a new place is much more expensive than giving your existing place a new identity.
  • Energy efficiency - It has observed that we are losing vast amounts of energy due to poor insulation. If you have a budget, you can simply put in the new installation, though even if you don't, don't stop. House extension London will help you to improve your energy efficiency by increasing your living space.
  • Add extra natural lights - Velux windows and Dormers let much view inside them a regular window. Loft conversions can enable the path of sunrise to let in, according to the height, positioning, and angles of the windows.
  • Loft Conversion - Easier Than You expected: According to the size and specialization, house extension London takes 8-10 weeks to convert your loft. So before realizing, you can find yourself enjoying your new bedroom, office, bathroom or study room.

Types of Loft Conversions

Dormer and l-shaped dormer loft conversion - A simple flat roof dormer conversion, is the most popular one. It is an extension to the existing roof and projects vertically from a slanted roof, which creates additional floor space and headroom within the property.

Mansard and l-shaped mansard loft conversion - The best-suited conversion for the rear of the property. It has a back wall sloping flat roof, that significantly changes to the roof shape and structure at an angle of 72 degrees. Mansard and l-shaped mansard loft conversion open up space and add more value to your property.

Hip to gable loft conversion - Suitable for the end of terrace and detached homes, a hip to gable loft conversion levels a naturally slanted end roof to create a vertical wall. It's becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners.

Roof light or Velux Loft Conversion - In a roof light conversion you can add windows and reinforce the floor to convert an attic into a comfortable living space, without altering or expanding the existing space.

Planning Permission -

Many loft conversions can be done as approved construction, but are subject to a number of restrictions. It also depends on the type of property you own, and whether any authorized improvements in the house have already been completed.

A permitted development must -

Have a maximum volume of 50 cubic meters (40 for terraced houses)

Not to extend beyond the existing roof space plane

Not to be higher than the highest part of the existing roof

Be built with materials that blend into the existing house.

Not have any verandas, balconies or elevated platforms.

Switch to the original eaves as far as possible (at least 20 cm)

Using dark glazing for any side-facing window or for any opening 1.7 m above the floor.

House extension London is a certified designing company comprising a full-fledged service and creating inspiring spaces and safe environments to live, for clients. Contact us to enhance your enjoyment of your home and its value. A million of homeowners have utilized their loft space to get more area out of their property. 


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