Is My Home Suitable For A Loft Conversion

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Is My Home Suitable For A Loft Conversion

You have a beautiful house but there is always a need for more space. It is very common to see lofted houses in London and getting a loft conversion is the best option when converting to two stories doesn't make any sense. There are a lot of things to consider before opting for a loft conversion. There is also a lot of money involved in getting this conversation started. It costs almost £15,000 for a single room in the roof with a bed and a bath and the price goes up to almost £55,000 if you want a room that is manufactured off-site and then canned into position.

there are certain things that you should know about before you go for a loft conversion. Some of them are mentioned below.

Is your home suitable for lofting

Lofting is not possible if your house is completely packed, you will need a specified amount of free space for lofting. You should consider making a pathway to reach a room and there should be enough sunlight and heating in the room. The roof should be in a comfortable position and the room should measure at least 5,500mm side to side, inclusive of a chimney, and 7,500mm front to back. With enough space, you can use the room however you like, you can make it a kids play area, a mini-movie space, or a calm place where you get some alone time. 

Whom should I use to do my loft conversion?

  • Architect/ Technician - You can always appoint an architect or a technician who will draw up some plans for your room and tell you what is exactly suitable for a loft conversion. You will have to get the necessary approvals for the loft conversion.
  • Appointing a specialist - There are companies that offer loft conversion services and when you approach this company they will send their experts to prepare drawings and they will only get the required permissions. The same company will be involved in construction and will turn your dreams into a reality.
  • Builder - An experienced builder is as good as every other option so you can prepare the plans by yourself and take help from a builder with the constructions. The builder will be of extreme help when it comes to reducing dust, protecting the roof, and also keeping things safe. You should be extremely sure while taking measurements and if you take the measurements wrong then the whole plan can go sideways.

Permissions -

Loft conversations do not require any specific permissions but if you are planning to make structural changes then taking permission from local authorities is mandatory. Permission is also required if you want to extend the height of the roof or the dome to create extra space. There are also specific regulations that you have to follow. The loft should be safe and there should be risks or structural damage. There should be proper stairs and ventilation too. If you wish to have a party wall you should inform your neighbors and give adjoining notice according to the Party wall agreement 1996.

Plumbing and Insulation -

The lofted room should have proper insulation and plumbing. There are various other factors that have to be considered but these two make a room resizable. It is impossible to provide insulation to a room if the walls are too thin and add insulation padding and might suck the space of the room and make it too tiny. There should be water and plumbing facilities in the room and most rooms have a washroom so it is necessary to have an efficient drainage system connected to the room.

Selecting the type of loft -

There are different styles and models of lofts available like Rooftop conversion, Dormer conversion, Hip-to-Gable conversions, etc but not all of them are suitable for a single home. You have to look at the floor, the roof, the structure, and select a type of loft. The cost of following upon different lofts also varies so you have to make a decision wisely.

Loft conversions are common everywhere so you can go around the neighborhood and look out for similar lofted houses and consider the same time of loft conversions they have.

Building and maintaining costs -

Your financial expenses will not remain the same after you get a lofting conversion. There will be additional expenses to fill up the interior and to equip the room with necessary gadgets. You will have to clean the room regularly and make sure the room is safe from pests and other rodents. All of this increases the expenses and a loft conversion is not cheap. Normal loft conversion costs £15,000 for a single room in the roof with a bed and a bath and the price goes up to almost £55,000 if you want a room that is manufactured off-site and then canned into position. The lofted room which had a bed and a bath could add up to an additional 20% value to the house.

Inform necessary authorities -

It is necessary for you to tell your insurance company about the loft conversion. You should show them all the documents and make a change to your insurance policy. The loft conversion can increase your insurance premium. You should also notify them about moving to a different place when the construction work is going on. You can also get renovations insurance and this will help you from any loss of raw material, accidents while renovation, and property owners' liability.

A loft conversion is a huge expense and you should be 100% sure if you want to get a loft conversion. It costs a lot and increases your expenses but it also adds value to your house. You have to take care of so many things like electricity, waterproofing, soundproofing, etc but in the end, it will be worth it. The new room will be the perfect place to enjoy your alone time or spend time with friends and family.


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