How to calculate loft conversion costs?

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How to calculate loft conversion costs?


If you want to add up space but moving in isn't an option, loft conversion is a great way for you to get started with creating up additional space in your existing house. But before Loft conversion, one is  required to keep a check of all the laws in that particular area, other considerations and obviously a lot of planning is required. The most important factor that comes into our minds while thinking of loft conversion is the cost and how to calculate loft conversion costs. Here, we are going to talk specifically about that.


The most important factors on which the cost of loft conversion will depend upon are- structure of your, roof, the available space you have, what kind of alterations do you want to make, installing a staircase and obviously the cost related to the amount of interior design you want to add up and beautify the space.


Converting your loft is a relatively cheap and an easy way to add up space in your house. A loft can work as a storage space, an additional living space, a lounge area, an office, s guest room, a children's play room, a home cinema or even a gym. Sounds amazing, right? But, the question remains the same, that - how much does a loft conversion cost? We let you discover the average price of a loft conversion along the course of this article.


One of the biggest loft conversion cost calculation factors is the location you live in. To simply this, here is a list of some average loft conversion costs for areas in the UK for 20 m sq. standard space.


Northern Ireland - £8,580

Scotland - £12,012

Wales - £10, 639

Northern England - £11, 669

Midlands - £10, 868

Yorkshire - £11, 669

East Anglia - £11, 097

South East England - £12,012

South West England - £10,686


The average cost for one room in the loft conversion starts from around £15,000 and goes upto as much as you can afford. This minimum cost will include -


  • Required Insulation
  • Basic staircase
  • Skylights
  • Other electrical requirements including lighting and heating
  • Fire Safety Measure


The actual cost will vary on the quality of products you want to invest in for all of these factors.


Another popular option for loft conversion is Hip to Gable loft extension. This includes converting the slope side of the roof into the fat edge and adding up additional space in your loft. This type of loft conversion costs between £30,000 - £35,000. The cost will increase if you want to make additional changes too, in the loft.


Another common option for loft conversion that is being mostly opted for is the dormer loft conversion, which means extending the outwards from the back side of the loft and converting the loft in a box shape. This type of loft conversions are also known as kennel or box conversions. These add up to a lot of extra space and the cost of such dormer loft conversion ranges between £19,000 and £30,000.


The most costly loft conversions are when you want to change the roof structure altogether. Changing the roof structure is considered to be the most expensive and the most difficult kind of loft conversion ever. This is because it mostly requires removing the entire roof and re-building it in the desired way. People of for changing the roof structure in two cases -


  • The structure of the existing roof isn't of the appropriate shape.
  • The existing roof structure isn't sound enough to undergo or tolerate simpler loft conversions.


This type of loft conversion does require the homeowner to take permissions, which adds up to the cost even more. The average cost of changing the roof structure begins £40,000 and goes upwards to unimaginable extent, depending upon the quality, quantity and desirability of the outcome.


The cost also varies depends on the type of and number of windows that you want to add up-


  • For Ventilation and getting Natural Light - This is a must have for every loft and is generally not very costly.
  • Roof lights - This is the most commonly used method to add the means of light in your loft. This includes wall cutting and removing of the tiles from the spaces where rooflight will be fitted with required flashings will be added in its surroundings. This kind of window in a loft conversion is usually the most budget-friendly and does not require planning permission in most areas.
  • Dormer windows - this kind of windows are not only the source of lighting but also gives an extra space in the loft. domal windows are extremely helpful in the houses where the pitch angle is high and the floor area can be increased. The effect of adding dormer windows is similar to the effect of hip to gable loft conversion and hence it is a little more expensive than the others.


Hence, these are the common aspects you'll need to know about while calculating the cost of loft conversion.



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