9 Important Questions That You Need to Ask Before You Consider a Loft Conversion

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9 Important Questions That You Need to Ask Before You Consider a Loft Conversion

A loft conversion can be quite an exciting project. It gives homeowners an opportunity to be creative and increase the living space in your house. However, before you rush to start this task, there are several things that you must consider. The planning process can be quite hectic, but it will surely save you time and money over time. To help you get organized and ensure that you have a project that you will be proud of, there are questions that you should ask yourself. Here are the loft conversion questions that you should ask before starting your project.

Why do you want a loft conversion?

There are several reasons why homeowners choose to extend their living space. One reason is to make improvements in the property that they have invested in for many years. If you are planning to stay in the home permanently, then you need to invest in a quality loft conversion project. In addition, other people opt to convert their loft to add value to their homes and make more profit when they sell the property. You can always speak to a real estate agent to determine how much value the conversion will add to your home.

Some people can also convert their loft to create short-term space. This is usually done when a homeowner needs extra space but does not have the financial ability to move to a bigger home. Knowing why you want a conversion will help you to set up your budget accordingly and avoid overspending in the process. If a conversion is a short-term solution, then it may make sense to save the cash and move instead of spending it in a home that you will leave after a few years.

How much money do you want to spend in the loft conversion?

Even though this may sound obvious, many people consider a loft conversion before deciding on their budget. This usually results in a project that looks ideal but is way out of the stipulated budget. If you are planning on a loft conversion, then you should think critically and come up with a realistic figure that you wish to spend. Make sure that you communicate this to your building contractor before you get started with your design as you may get recommendations to save money on your loft conversion. This will help you to save lots of time and will ensure that you do not spend more money than you have planned to.

What design styles do you like?

After ascertaining your set budget, you need to think about the style that you want for your loft conversion. You should never assume that your architect and loft conversion building contractors know what you want. There are many loft conversion styles and designs out there and you need to research extensively to come up with the exact design that you want. Ensure that you discuss every detail that you want with the contractors. You can check out our loft conversion ideas to help you make a decision.

Is it necessary to consider building regulations when converting my loft?

When converting your loft, you must consider the local building regulations. You can get a building completion certificate from your local authority or a nationally approved building inspection company. This will ensure that your loft conversion project is built according to the set building regulation standards. Your property may be devalued if you do not have this certificate and you may have problems selling your house in the future since a building completion certificate is necessary during the selling process.

 When do you want the project to be done?

Many people prefer building work to be done during the spring or summer months. These seasons have good weather and they ensure that construction work takes less time to complete. Irrespective of when you want the building work to start, you must ensure that you start planning for the loft conversion process early. Surveys, designs, applying for planning permissions,, getting building regulations approvals and hiring building contractors take lots of time. It may take several months for your conversion project to get started. This is why you need to be realistic and start the process early enough.

How long will the loft conversion project take?

On average, it will take about eight weeks for a loft conversion to be completed. However, the time will vary from one loft to another and depending the building work that is needed. You should also take into consideration the time taken to have the loft conversion plans drawn up and getting planning permission.

Will the loft conversion affect my neighbors?

Before you start your loft conversion planning process, it is important that you consider your neighbors. You will need their cooperation, especially if the construction work will affect a wall that you share. Furthermore, you may need to access their land during the building process. Ensure that you talk to your neighbors to let them know about your project in advance. You need to know whether they have any objections or problems with your upcoming project. This way, you can make minor alterations to your loft conversion plans to prevent your neighbors from raising any material planning objections that will delay your project. Furthermore, you will be able to be on good terms with all your neighbors.

Will my utilities be strained?

When you add extra living space to your home, you can be sure that your heating requirements, water, and electricity needs will also increase. Your builder should advise you whether a new fuse board is necessary to handle the additional circuits and breakers or whether the shower or bathroom in your loft will affect the water pressure in the rest of the house, necessitating installation of an unvented cylinder or pump.

Do you need work done anywhere else in your home?

Before you start your loft conversion project, you should check around your home to determine whether you need work done anywhere else in your home. By getting all the work done at the same time, you will save money and time. Furthermore, you will reduce the amount of disruption and time you have contractors in your house.

A loft conversion is a perfect way of adding space to your home. It can come in handy if you have a baby on the way, need a home office, or you have visitors coming to stay. A loft conversion project will add an extra shower room or bedroom upstairs and it will be a less costly project than moving to a bigger property. By asking these loft conversion questions, you will be able to come up with the best plans that will guarantee a successful project.


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