How to convert the loft into an office

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Work from home might sound attractive, but it can be not easy and productive if you do not have proper space and peace. Many professionals who work from home consider converting their loft into a private home office where, without being distracted, they can focus on their work.

Going upstairs for work has many benefits as the attic is a slightly apart space from the rest of the house and gives proper ideal space for work.

If you are inspired by the idea of converting your loft into an office space, you should take some time to think through the details of designing and space uses.

Also, before going to convert your loft into an office, you must see that the loft should have a suitable size to transform into an office space, and you can work here for a long time. As you may require a large desk, personal computer, chair, papers container and bookshelves, hence your loft should have a sufficient head and floor space to cope up with all these requirements.

Characteristics which should consider while converting your loft into an office space -

  • Enough productive space
  • Suitable and required furniture
  • Proper lighting
  • A Quiet and peaceful space.
  • Place a few plants for better mental health and productivity gains, though it's not essential.

Instead of making your attic dusty storage space, with the following modification ideas, remodel it into an idyllic working space.

Practical Considerations -

Opt for loft ladders as they serve as a suitable alternative for the standard staircases with their lightweight and foldable features. Instead of a permanent obstruction, it also helps to maximize the space, and you can hide them when you are not using them. Loft ladders also effectively reduce the need to reinforce the loft floor and you can establish its standing as a separate space from the rest of the house.

Build into nooks -

During the loft conversion work, often space ends up with several nooks and crannies which are created for structural supports and the angle of the roof. You can utilize those nooks to build shelves for books and files. It can add useful extra work and storage space at either end.

Colour theme -

Groupe the lashings of colour together on every surface in a perfect sense of order. Colour-coding provides several benefits as it is easier to find what is placed where.

Make it multi-tasking -

Many home offices function as multi taking place. You can use it as a spare bedroom, a small storage space. Transform it in such a way to create an impressively multi-functional space. Corners can provide the spot for some recessed shelves, and you can adjust a small bed for resting there.

Windows -

Allowing natural sunshine is one of the most significant aspects which needs proper consideration while converting your loft into the office space. Proper sunlight makes the loft an attractive workspace and improves your mood with the presence of natural light. Also, being exposed to sunlight improves your sleep quality, productivity, sleep efficiency, and your overall health.

Depending on the pitch and your loft layout, you can opt for a suitable window type, while converting your loft into an office space.

  • Skylight windows: Skylight windows can easily be installed on the pitch and flat roofs. Their glazing can be either plastic or glass, though consider durability and aesthetics before opting the options.
  • Roof windows: Roof window is a great option for maximizing the natural sunlight. It can be fixed, manually operated, or electric-operated.
  • Sash windows: These type of windows are popular since the Victorian era. Generally, it has one or two sashes and can be installed easily on the wall of the attic.

Come off the wall -

Often while people convert their loft into the office space, they position the desk up against the wall, instead of making that face out into the room, that allows space for someone else to sit at the desk, especially if you are working on more collaborative projects. Utilize that empty wall as a storage space, cope with a bank of neat cupboards to give the whole comfortable feeling.

Stay willowy -

Keep your room more cult free by occupying a few essential furniture as the bigger the desk, the more clutter. Nowadays, most of the people working at a laptop do not need a big space or big desk, hence avoid the desk impinging the rest of the room. However, you can go for the sleek, long desk, on which you can keep a few of your books, table lamps, pen stands or other required things.

A cosy retreat -

 It is not necessary to have a large dormer to tuck in a workstation; you can make your small loft into a cosy escape. You can keep your desk on one side, and cupboards on the other side, under the eaves.

A few adjustments are probably necessary if you are planning for conversion:

  • Additional insulation (which may require as loft mostly does not have much insulation)
  • Fire safety measures.
  • Reinforced floor.
  • Artificial lighting, electricity, plumbing, and heating.

Are you working from home? Do you have a proper dedicated space for work? Are you looking for a remodelling? If not then contact with House extension London to make your loft in an ideal space to work in.


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