14 Space-Saving Loft Beds Kids & Parents Will Love

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Looking to give your child's room a makeover with a smart design that is both functional and space-saving while also providing a good night's sleep?

Do you intend to get a bunk bed or a loft bed for your children's room? They'll love climbing up to their own private world, and you'll save space and money while improving the room's décor. Doesn't it sound like a good deal? Choosing between a bunk bed and a loft bed, on the other hand, can be a difficult task because the two names are sometimes used interchangeably. They are, however, two unique sorts of beds, each with its own set of characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks.

Let's take a closer look at bunk beds and loft beds so you can make an informed decision when purchasing children's beds online or in a shop.

What is the definition of a bunk bed?

A bunk bed is a single piece of furniture that consists of at least two beds stacked one on top of the other. With a bunk bed, you can fit two beds into the same amount of floor space as one. If you have two (or more) children but don't have the space in your children's room to accommodate numerous beds, this style of bed is a perfect solution.


Bunk Beds have a number of features.

While bunk beds come in a variety of styles, they all have the same basic attributes. Here are a few examples:

  • Because they must hold two or more bunks, they come with a sturdy bed structure with poles/posts at four corners. This frame is available in both wood and metal.
  • The frame is connected to a ladder or stairway that provides access to the higher bunks for the children. The ladder might be fixed or removable, depending on the model.
  • The upper bunk is equipped with a railing to prevent children from falling out of bed while rolling over in their sleep.
  • Kids’ bunk beds are typically twin over twin beds with a single individual on the top and bottom bunks. They are ideal for your children's bedroom because each youngster has their their bed.

Various types of bunk beds

Bunk beds differ in design, style, number of bed units, additional features, and so on, despite these shared essential elements. When you buy bunk beds for kids online in India, you will come across various options.

Typical Bunk Bed - It consists of two twin beds (also known as single beds) stacked on top of each other, also known as twin over twin bunk beds. This bed style is frequently coupled to a built-in ladder. However, it is possible to remove the beds and use them separately if necessary.

Other Varieties: Twin over Queen, Twin over Full, and Other - As previously stated, some designs have twin beds on the top bunk and full or queen beds on the bottom bunk. Two children can sleep on the lower bunk, while the third can sleep on the upper bunk. The terms "twin over full" and "twin over queen" describe these situations.

Bunk Bed with Futon consists of a futon on the bottom and a bed on top, as the name suggests. The futon can be used as a couch during the day and stretched into a sleeping surface at night, which is a primary benefit of such designs.

Bunk Bed in the Shape of an L - The upper bunk is suitable for the lower bed in this form. It is similar to the standard variety in bed area, consisting of two beds of the same size. In terms of floor space, however, L-shaped bunk beds require more than traditional bunk beds.

Bunk Beds in Threes - Triple bunk beds are an excellent alternative for kids' bedroom designs that make the most available bed space. It is perfect for families with three children because it includes three beds joined to a single frame.

Bunk Beds: Pros and Cons

There's no doubt that bunk beds have a lot of benefits, but they also have some disadvantages. Here are the primary advantages and disadvantages to consider when purchasing bunk beds for your children online:



  • Bunk beds make the most of available floor space.
  • They're ideal for compact spaces.
  • In a shared bedroom, each child has their own space.
  • If necessary, bunk beds can be divided into two full-sized single beds.
  • Some variants include storage behind the bottom bunk.
  • It may be less expensive than purchasing two separate beds.


  • If the bed is of poor quality, there may be safety problems.
  • To get to the top bunk, kids must climb a ladder or stairway, which might be challenging.

What is the definition of a loft bed?

Loft beds are similar to bunk beds in that they both utilise vertical space. Unlike a bunk bed, an aloft bed has only one top bunk, and the space beneath it can be used for various purposes, including a workstation, extra storage, or even a play area. Loft beds can be included in kids' bedroom designs to offer your child the impression of "sleeping high" while also saving space by adding an extra furniture unit to the bed.


Characteristics of Loft Beds

While loft beds have some similarities to bunk beds, they also have their own set of characteristics, which are given below:

  • Loft bed designs, like bunk beds, have an elevated wooden or metal structure that supports the upper bunk and a ladder linked to the frame.
  • The space beneath the bunk can be left empty or filled with extra utilities or furniture attached to the bed frame.
  • When it comes to customisation, loft beds come out on top. Depending on your child's hobbies, you can turn the space into a workstation, study nook, play area, library, and so on.
  • Although twin beds are the most common, full and queen size loft beds are also available.
  • They come in a variety of sizes and heights. The higher the upper bunk, the more free space there will be beneath it.

Loft Beds: What They Are and What They Aren't

By mixing pleasure and usefulness, loft beds provide your children with the best of both worlds. All you have to do now is choose the best bed design from among the many accessible possibilities. Among them are:

Loft Bed Basics -A full or twin bed is placed on an open space in the basic version of a loft bed. You can utilise it to store anything but something else in it or leave it empty.

Bed in a Loft - A desk or workstation is underneath the top bunk of a study loft bed. It's a great option when you need to pack a bed and a desk into a small space while keeping the rest of the room free for other purposes.

Beds with a low, mid, or high loft - These are bunk height classes. Low loft beds are less elevated from the floor and have less open space than the other two varieties, making them excellent for preschoolers and elementary students. Teenagers, adolescents, and even college students will appreciate the room that mid and high loft beds provide.

Bed with a Twist - A novelty loft bed is the most excellent option if you want to arrange your child's room around a motif. These are usually low loft beds designed for young children. They can be made to your specifications. For example, a tent, treehouse, or slide could be included in such a children's bed.


The Benefits and Drawbacks of Loft Beds

Make sure you understand the benefits and drawbacks of loft beds for kids before purchasing them online.


  • In compact bedrooms, loft beds are ideal for saving space. They are multi-functional but do not take up a lot of room on the floor.
  • Several loft beds include built-in desks or storage units, so you won't have to pay extra for storage or study.
  • Depending on your child's age, you can choose from low, medium, or high-elevation loft beds.


  • A single youngster can sleep comfortably on a loft bed. You'll need two loft beds if you have two children.
  • Making beds for high loft variety might be a difficult task.

Elevate a look at our favourite loft bed arrangements below and get ready to take your child's room to greater levels.

1.Mid-Century Marvel - From the traditional wood hue to the streamlined form, we're confident that this loft bed with desk will last long after the kids have moved out.

  1. Industrialized cities - This workhorse not only provides a place to sleep, but the built-in shelf units also provide plenty of storage space for your child's dinosaur collection, books, or sports achievements.
  2. Perch of Today - Oeuf, the modern furniture company, has done it again by adapting their minimalist-yet-still-cool-for-kids aesthetic to what might be a large and intimidating structure in a room. Their "Perch" loft bed is as adaptable as the others, but thanks to its pared-down appearance, it also has a design sense.
  3. Teen Magazine - If your child is pleading with you to transform their minor child's room into a full-fledged teen's haven, this twin loft bed with on-trend metal elements and clean lines will provide design-worthy results. Below the sleeping area, there is enough room for an entire work setup or a comfortable lounge.
  4. Always Farmhouse - Install this rustic-inspired loft bed that also supports a full-size mattress, which is a good advantage for growing kids if you really are and your kids still can't get enough of farmhouse-chic.
  5. Sliding Dreams - Who wants to get out of bed on the wrong side of the bed when there's a slide to greet them? This loft bed is perfect for busy youngsters because it has pockets for storybooks and toys, allowing them to keep all of their favourites close at hand.
  6. Culture of the Cafe - Do you have a Starbucks-obsessed adolescent? Because of the ingenious setup that gives cafe-style seating beneath their sleeping quarters, this convertible loft bed will make their mocha-frappuccino dreams a reality. The best part about it? If a playdate or study session runs late, the couch section can easily convert into another bed, transforming this loft into an immediate bunk for sleepover fun.
  7. Theory of Color - Some people believe that painting a room is the simplest way to modify it, but they haven't seen this loft bed, which comes in 16 various colours! Put this loft bed in your child's room for a welcome burst of colour without the dreaded paint splatters.
  8. Contained & Classic - This all-in-one loft bed comes with guard rails, a storage shelf, and stairs, giving kids everything they want while also providing parents with the peace of mind they need to sleep soundly.
  9. Treehouse inside the home - This handcrafted, easy-to-assemble bed provides a warm haven for your flock—we can't get enough of the roof's chimney feature! Height-averse kids will still have a bird's eye perspective of their room with only three steps up.
  10. Standard Studio - If your child requires everything—a desk, a wardrobe, a place to play, and a place to sleep—look no farther than IKEA's ultra-convenient loft bed, which gives all of that and more without taking up a lot of floor space.
  11. Studio Loft with a Chic Look- When it came to building this loft apartment, no detail was overlooked—the stairs double as drawers for much-needed storage, while the bathroom and kitchen are located beneath. The result is a polished and mature environment ideal for older teenagers or children living at home, but it will also work once the children have left the nest. In the future, this idea may simply transform a spare room or garage into a studio apartment.
  12. Cabinet Elevator - Built-in cabinets offer the necessary support for this snug loft bed, thanks to Hamilton Snowber's innovative design. We like how the space beneath the desk has been used with a workstation and enough storage.


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