Loft Flooring Ideas and Considerations

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If you ever consider the option of a loft conversion, a significant aspect that needs your attention is the flooring of the loft. The entire interior of the loft is important as it adds an aesthetic and warm vibe to the room; however, if you work right with your flooring, you will not have to worry about it looking out of sync with the entire room’s decor.

Even if your loft is already boarded with the best materials possible, you would still need to reinforce them with stronger materials and joists. This eventually means the scraping and digging out of the entire floor, which provides you the perfect opportunity to do whatever you want with the new flooring.

You can use the opportunity to cable the space if you want. Before flooring, you can consider laying down the wires of any new connections that you might be thinking of getting. After this, choose a flooring option that enhances the entire look of the room.

Some of the most common types of flooring that you can choose from are,

Solid wooden flooring -

Solid wooden flooring is the best option when you are opting for a modern setting in your loft. It creates an appearance of quality and is a viable option to cover exposed beams and joists. There is a wide range of colors and materials to choose from that fit with the atmosphere of the room.

Some of the solid hardwood flooring options that you can select from are,

  • Oak
  • Hardwood
  • Timber
  • Pine

The Pros of this type of flooring is,

  1. Solid wood flooring can be a good value addition to the house, as it gives a more luxurious and royal finish to the house. Due to its high quality, it gives the house a rich touch.
  2. It is very easy to clean. A simple wipe and rinse will clean all the dust and dirt from the floors, which makes it a very suitable option for families with young children.
  3. It has guaranteed and better longevity than any other type of flooring, as it can simply be refinished with a better look when it starts to wear and tear.

The cons of wooden flooring are,

  1. Wooden flooring adds to the height of the room, approximately by 20mm. This makes the room look cramped, and the ceilings look closer than they are.
  2. Even though this option is a very beneficial one, it is very expensive compared to other flooring options.
  3. These floorings are made of wood that expands and contracts with heating and cooling, respectively. This can lead to the development of cracks and thereafter less stable wood boards.

The warmth of carpet flooring -

A carpet flooring under the feet gives a soft and warm feeling. This type of flooring is especially useful when the loft is converted into a bedroom or a living room, making the place feel more cordial and safe.

You can select a carpet that blends and matches the entire color scheme of your loft and makes you feel cozy at the same time. There are a lot of choices concerning textures, materials, colors, etc. Some of the carpet flooring options that you can choose from are -

  • Carpet tiles
  • Eco-friendly carpets
  • High-quality wool carpets

Pros -

  1. This option might look expensive; however, it is one of the cheap options available for flooring.
  2. It also offers the added beneficial feature of sound insulation.

Cons -

  1. Carpets can easily get stained and dirty. Light colors, though they look awesome, they appear to be dirty very fast.
  2. A carpet flooring does not last very long.

Laminate your flooring -

Laminate flooring is an even better option than actual solid wood flooring as it gives you more options to choose from.

Pros -

  1. It is inexpensive. It is even cheaper than solid wood flooring.
  2. This type of flooring is very easy to clean. This makes it a suitable option for children’s bedrooms.
  3. Since this style simulates the wooden flooring, it has an aesthetic and luxurious feel attached to it.

Cons -

  1. The flooring does not add value to the house. Thus, while selling this flooring does not bring you any advantages in terms of prices.
  2. Unlike any other flooring option, this cannot be refinished.

The tiling stories -

With a lot of varieties to choose from, these make a good flooring option for a loft. The tiles are laid down to create a regular geometric pattern. Some of the tiles that you can consider choosing are,

  • Porcelain
  • Quarry
  • Terracotta
  • Glazed ceramic

Pros -

  1. This type of flooring can make space appear bigger than it is.
  2. The number of varieties available in this flooring makes it an amazing choice.
  3. They are easy to clean.
  4. Easy to repair.
  5. Tiles don’t scratch or break easily, making them a highly durable and long-lasting option.

Cons -

  1. Tiles can be very slippery, making them a dangerous option when it comes to the safety of the residents.
  2. The patterns made over the tiles can fade over time, making the floor look dull and tarnished.
  3. It is an expensive option.

Before starting the work on the flooring of the loft, it is ensured that it is up to code and safe. The headspace in a loft decides the usable space in your loft. In many areas, there is a fixed requirement for the ceiling length, and anything less than that is not permitted. The flooring plans vary with the amount of usable space available in the loft.

The transmission of noise should be considered beforehand especially, when the members staying up there would be playing, working, etc. A quieter and more delicate surface on the floors will act as a good buffer to the noise of footsteps, voices, etc.

Flooring is not a complex procedure if the right methods are used. It can add value, aesthetics, and a whole new vibe to your loft. Choose it wisely and get floor-boarded today! 


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