What is the best loft flooring?

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There are various loft flooring options to choose from while beginning to board your loft. Some options are cheaper than others but often have some drawbacks and therefore need to be thought of, very carefully. We'll take you through the description, advantages and drawbacks of some of the common loft flooring and boarding approaches:


  • Laying chipboards directly on the joists -


This is the cheapest method of all and you can do it all by yourself, if you love DIYs and have fun creating your own space by yourself.


But, the major drawback with this type is that it does now allow enough airflow and doesn't leave the space any room for the recommended insulation depth, which is usually between 240-270 mm.


  • Insulation boarding -


The alternative for laying chipboards directly on the joists is to buy and lay insulation boarding over the joists.


But, insulation boarding is expensive and does not really solve the insulation problem.


  • Using counter battens -


Attaching counter battens at the top of the joists raises the level of the floor. Then the boards can be laid on the top.


The advantage of using counter battens is that it does allow enough space for insulation and airflow.


  • The LoftZone StoneFloor system -


This is to use a raised floor system. This kind of flooring is the job of an expert and gives a professional finish to the loft.


The advantage of LoftZone StoneFloor system is that it solves the airflow problem and takes the best care of insulation. It is a modular system which is unique and patented. It provides an extra storage space and this type of flooring system is the only loft flooring system that complies with the building regulations. LoftZone StoneFloor flooring system is strong enough to provide a safe deck for access along with keeping a check of the insulation underneath.


Hence, this can be considered as the best loft flooring system also, if you are ready to spend on the quality of it.



Installing loft boarding and flooring is of great advantage and brings you many benefits like an added storage space which can be used for various amazing purposes.


If you have read the above, you know by now that each flooring system has different advantages and different disadvantages. If you want to DIY your flooring system, you can do that too or if you want to get professional help, that can also be done very easily. All of it completely depends upon your personal preferences and the kind of use you are looking out from your new loft conversion. Hence, we recommend considering our experts at Loft Conversion London to give you detailed advice on which flooring system would suit your requirement the best. We understand that different people have different tastes and how the issue of insulation can be a bigger concern for some and for others,  just the storage bit matters. For some, doing and creating the space all by themselves can be of great excitement and hence we drive with the mission of helping people fulfill their dreams and ambitions and converting their loft in the way they have always wanted and imagined it to be.




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