The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Perfect New Bathroom

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Bathrooms once had the most basic functions, and that was to facilitate bathing. The bathrooms were small and had no showers. There were concrete tiles and had a primary drainage system to reduce the outflow of water. The whole perception of bathrooms has changed, and these bathrooms are a space where people seek comfort and wish to relax while fulfilling the common aim, that is, to have a bath.

We have luxury pools with inbuilt geysers, huge bathtubs, high-pressure water jets, and even inbuilt television sets and music systems to allow all kinds of activities while inside the bathroom.

We are here to help you design part of the perfect bathroom and help you avoid any mistakes.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Perfect New Bathroom

The costs involved with getting a perfect bathroom

You should create a budget and estimate all the expenses that you are expected to incur. This will give a rough idea of which things to include and what to ignore.

If you are planning to renovate the bathroom entirely, you should focus on the planning layouts. The change in arrangements can completely change the look of the bathroom and can also increase the expenses.

Working with Space -

It is essential to assess the space and then think about the furniture that you can include. If you have a huge bathroom, it can consist of a walk-in rainforest shower, jacuzzi bath, jack and Jill sinks, and even a hot sauna.

If you have limited space, you will have to cut back on the furniture and interior and make the best use of the available space.

The interior and lighting -

The key to creating a perfect bathroom is to focus on all aspects and essential elements in the interior. The small factors like the tiles' design, the interior decorations, and the lighting play a significant role.

You should pay attention while purchasing tiles because some tiles are too sensitive and start to corrode when you polish them with bleach or cleaning agents. You should make sure that you are using the right products to clean the tiles. The tiles shouldn't be too smooth or too rough.

Lighting is also an essential factor because you have to decide to include artificial light or make provisions to allow sunlight to light up the bathroom. Having proper lighting helps in creating the perfect aesthetic environment and helps to relax. You can also use neon lights or have a multicolor led strip installed to change the color of the lighting whenever you want.

Integrating technology -

If you plan to have a sound system or a television set inside your bathroom, you should work on waterproofing certain parts near these gadgets so that water doesn't splash on these devices and create a short circuit. It would be best to think about internet connectivity because a slow connection can always ruin your mood.

You can integrate technology like automatic toilets, tile warmers, etc. These tile warmers heat the tiles so they don't have to step on a freezing tile on a winter morning.

Who should you hire to carry out these home refurbishments?

There are some DIY tips and tricks which can bring you closer to having the perfect bathroom, and with your skills and knowledge, you can work on making some complex modifications, but it is always a better option to hire a professional to carry out the refurbishments tasks. These professionals are far more knowledgeable and are experienced, so they know exactly what to do and know the alternatives if something goes wrong.

You can hire a -

– A laborer to rip out the old bathroom

– A plumber to fit the new bathroom

– A safe gas engineer (some plumbers are gas safe but check beforehand)

– An electrician for electric showers, lights, underfloor heating, extractor fan, and shaver point.

– A tiler to work on tiles

– A plasterer to plaster and insulate the walls

– A carpenter to work on the wooden floors or to hang other decorations

– A painter to paint some designs or paint the interior of the bathroom

How long does a bathroom refurbishment take -

The time taken for a bathroom refurbishment will depend on the number of ideas and features you are implementing. If you are changing the layout, adding new tiles, making storage space, working on adding lights and TV, the refurbishment can take as long as 3-4 weeks. If you are doing the basic stuff like polishing the tiles, changing the bathtub, adding new decorations, etc., the refurbishment will take only about 1-2 weeks.

The time taken will also depend on the workers' efficiency and the availability of the required materials. It takes almost 1-2 days to clean up everything and add final touches, and then you can finally use the bathroom.

Can a bathroom be used when the refurbishment is taking place?

It might be possible for you to use the bathroom when there are only minor refurbishments taking place, but it is suggested that you leave the bathroom being worked on and use the spare or guest bathroom.

The tiles, wiring, drain are all exposed, and one wrong step can lead to a fatal accident. Hence, it is better to wait till all the work is done. Once the work is done, you have to work on the maintenance, the tiles might get corroded or there might be rust on some appliances.

Conclusion -

Getting a new bathroom can be a small part of your house renovation but this is something you should pay close attention on. You spend a lot of time in the bathroom and practically start your day.

Getting the perfect new bathrooms is always worth the investment; this bathroom can be your personal space where you can ignore all your problems and have a nice hot bath. Having a shower or a bath can also help in releasing stress and works to uplift the mood. These relaxing spaces can also help in triggering creativity and new ideas.



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