Loft Conversion Questions The Complete Guide

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Loft conversions have become a major trend and this is one of the most economic and suitable ways of creating some additional space in a house. A loft conversion is so suitable because there are no insane costs involved and you can customize the room in however way you want. This lofted space can be a special room for watching movies, it can be a gaming room, it can be an extra guest bedroom, or a place where you can leave all your problems and enjoy your personal space.

Insights on lofting

Lofting is not just an expense because it adds value to your house. A survey revealed that a lofted house adds more than 20-25% in value and this conventional extension can be a huge plus point.

If you plan to do a loft conversion, there is no limit to your imagination. There are various types of loft conversions available and you can choose a type that will suit your budget and will compliment your residence. There is no need to get additional permissions generally, but if you are doing something special and adding various elements, you have to get the required permissions from the concerned authorities.

Loft Conversion London takes up lofting activity and takes care of all the steps involved in lofting. Right from procuring the required resource to cleaning up after the job, we do it all. Our services are highly reliable and we offer the best services when it comes to lofting. We work closely with our clients, understand their expectations, and work on creating the best living space.

There are also pre-assembled lofts available in the market and the living spaces can be dismantled and then can be assembled in the house. These pre-built lofts are slightly expensive but it takes a lot less time to assemble them. There is a lot less scope of customization with the pre-built lofts.

On average it takes about 6-8 weeks to finish lofting and this timeframe is just acceptable.

Types of loft conversion

  • Rooflight loft conversion - Rooflight loft conversion is the most basic and mostly seen loft conversion. There is no need for strong walls or other additional amenities to do a roof light loft conversion. The only requirement is space and there should be enough headroom for people to get through the room. There should be proper insulation and the floor has to be strong while considering this type of loft conversion. This loft conversion is economic and effective.
  • Dormer loft conversion - Dormer loft conversions are also very popular and this type of loft conversion is suitable when there is a limitation on the free space. The headroom and the area to move freely is limited but this is ideal for a small or a medium sized house. It is important to focus on the stairs and windows because they are the key elements of this conversion. Dormer loft conversions are also affordable but the owners have to get permission from the concerned authorities to get started with this type of lofting
  • Mansard loft conversion - Mansard loft conversion is a premium and modern type of loft conversion seen in urban areas where the houses are huge and there are no limitations in living space. These lofts are at a 72° angle with the dorm windows and this gives it a cool look. There is a lot of space inside the room and you can have a premium washroom and other comforting items. The insulation is made from bricks, tiles, or metal and this gives it a modern look. These Mansard loft conversions are expensive.
  • Hip-to-gable loft conversion - This is one of the best types of loft conversions because it is affordable and also spacious. The hip-to-gable loft conversion involves remodeling the two sloping sides of the roof to form an upright gable end. There is a slot of headroom at the center and the corners might be a little cozy. You should get the required permissions to get this type of lofting and working in proper insulation and plumbing is a must. It doesn't take too much time to build this type of loft and this method can be combined with rear dormers to maximize space in your new loft conversion.

Costs and other expenses involved in a loft conversion

A loft conversion is kind of a makeover and you can have a dedicated personal space for yourself so it is a great investment. The additional advantage of this loft conversion is that it adds to the value of the house. There are various costs involved in the prices of lofting and you need to shell out some extra cash to buy the interiors and decorate the room.

The important areas to look at are insulation, plumbing, and wiring. There should be enough insulation from weather conditions and there should be a heater available at all times. If you ha a washroom in your lofted room, the outlets have to be connected properly to the drainage system. Wiring should also be looked at to make sure you have electricity and to avoid short circuits.


It is important to plan the whole activity before you get started with lofting. As said earlier there are a lot of factors like, types of lofts, permissions, interiors, etc which play a major role, and once you consider all these factors you can set some expectations and allot a budget to get the lofting in place.

The lofted room will be totally worth the investment as these rooms can be used for various purposes.


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