Unlock your Wimbledon house’s hidden potential with a Bespoke Loft Conversion

Every house has this unique feature that makes everyone covertly proud of their houses. Like the hidden closet that led to Narnia or the walk-in closet of practically every Kardashian Sisters. It could be a tech modified bath, or a cosy reading room or even a hide-out. The uniqueness makes your house all the more special. A house’s true potential is brought out when it uses all of its underutilized space, and that is the “it factor” of that certain house. Here is a guide on how you can unlock your house’s hidden potential with our help.

We love to utilize and make the most out of spaces, and your loft is a space. Specializing in the field of loft conversion, we consider your imagination, add up your budget and deliver you the best product from our end.

What is a loft conversion?

A loft or attic conversion is a process through which you can transform your attic or loft into a functional livable space. The space could be transformed into any kind such as-

  1. A guest room/ extra bedroom -

Who doesn't love to have guests at home for not just a cup of tea but even for a full-fledged dinner and the next morning English breakfast? It's all good until it's time to settle in, left in a bind for the sleeping space. You can choose to turn your attic into a new bedroom that could act as a guest room for when you have your guests.

       2.  An Office/Reading room -

Having an in-house office would make your work from home more fun, with the required privacy and all a place for all of your paperwork and the office work to belong, the attic could be the perfect space for an office.

       3.  Chic Bath -

Having an over the top bath is a dream come true for many. Imagine having the perfect spacious washroom, incorporating shower rooms separately and a walk-in wardrobe. It will provide you with that extra edge over the other houses.

       4.  Workout room -

You know you need privacy when you are working out, it is of the utmost importance. Turning your loft into a workout room would be a perfect idea if you are a fitness enthusiast.

      5.  Relaxing cosy room -

You might have many spaces in your house, but nothing can beat the good ol’ cosy room. A room where you can have the time of your life, by sleeping, meditating or even just lying around. They are that one room everyone fights to stay in because everyone loves it so much. A cosy room will be one of the best utilisations of the loft.

Converting your loft or turning your attic into a beautiful, cosy and usable space is the perfect way to increase the potential of your house, not only utilising the space and providing it with that extra space or room but even increasing the value of your home, It's, in fact, a fact, that loft conversion increases the value of your house by 20%.

Why “Loft conversion” for Wimbledon?

A loft conversion is rather beneficial for every home. Everyone loves it when they are made to feel special, who doesn't love the attention, on the minute needs and details yours. Every individual wants the best for themselves in every field, including their homes, and hence every citizen in the UK choose to get a skilled and best specialists for loft conversions, but like you don't have to worry about a culprit who murdered someone when Sherlocks handling the case, you will not have to worry about the work since you have us.

The best uses are provided by the attics, they are versatile spaces that can be used and easily adapted to befit various situations, and hence you need the right specialists for your attic conversions to design clever utilisation of the spaces such as:

The ability to utilize the space for the best outcome is our speciality. We will simply assess the room and provide you with the ideas to turn your loft into. A well-designed loft conversion is one whose extra space has been cleverly thought out. A lot has to be thought about when designing the loft setting, There is the windows placement, the energy efficiency and also the budgets.

Loft Conversion London can handle the basic functioning and structure of the space. Then again we have to look at the different ways in which we can utilise the loft space. There are different types of loft conversions, that suit each house differently.

Types of Loft conversions for your Wimbledon Home -

  • Dormer Loft Conversion -

It is the most common type of loft conversion in London and the other parts of the UK. Dormer loft conversion gives your house that modern, chic and alluring space that anyone and everyone would be in an awe of. In such a conversion, a wall is made, at an angle of 90 degrees with the floor, which allows the person to walk freely around the area. The best part about these is the Dormer windows which make stargazing a lot more fun.

  • L- Shaped Loft Conversions -

If Dormer is the most common then L shaped conversions are the most loved. L shaped conversions are probably the best ones as they provide more space with additional headroom. This sort of conversion could give you a lot of configuration options involving the Dormer Window.

  • Hip to Gable conversions -

If you are looking forward to expanding your property, then Hip to Gable is the best option for you. In this type of conversion, a sidewall is built or a side roof is removed, either way, increasing the internal head height.

  • Mansard Loft Conversion -

The Mansard is the dramatic version of the Dormer conversion. It requires more alterations to provide you with that extra space. Even though Mansard loft Conversion is more complicated yet it provides you with adequate space to create your preferred room.

  • Velux Loft Conversion -

The easiest of them all, Velux Loft Conversion is the most affordable solution to add that extra headroom and further utilize the space. These are the ones with the minimum construction work requirement and less disruptiveness.

We at Loft Conversion London believe that you deserve to have the most appropriate and suitable loft conversion services. With the proper inspection of the place and space, we can help you with the desirable room that you wish to have. We will fit your desires with your budget to give you the best services possible.

Does the next question arise about How to make the most out of your space? But Loft Conversion London is known to make the best out of waste. The waste here is the space. We can help you get the much-needed makeover, with the right designs, styles and tricks to make your loft a livable decent and warm space.

Tricks and Treat?

Loft Conversion London will provide you with the perfect mix of tricks and treats. There are several tricks that we have up our sleeves, that will definitely be a treat for you.

  1. The Right Colours -

Light colours such as White, light shades of grey, blue, green and pink or the pastels are presently the most favoured and opted colours during loft conversions in London. The light colours make your room look spacious and reflect the light making your room vibe brightly. However, you can also go for darker colours if you prefer them. You could even try to use a single dar coloured wall which would bring different attention and vibe to your room.

  1. Adding the Textures -

Textures add depth and rhythm to your room. Every room needs textures otherwise the room seems to miss the attention of the eye. Be it the fuzzy and coloured rugs or thick printed carpets, panelled floors and walls and the curtains. They add to the aesthetics of your room.

  1. The Light -

Seemingly with the positions of the windows, your room might be illuminated with the natural light for most of the day, but what happens to those hidden corners or when it turns into night. The wall fixed lights or lamps are a necessity that you’d be needing for your loft to be the way you desire it to be.

  1. Customised Furniture -

Take it from us and our experience, big and huge furniture are tough to fit and set in the small space of the loft. Customized furniture comes into play right here. Small, different shaped pieces would be the right choice for you. The slanted roofs often inculcate smaller yet high storage units, stylish cupboards and different shelves.

We at Loft Conversion London believe in quality. We specialise in our field and in high-quality custom service across London. If you are looking for a Loft Conversion for utilising your home in London, then we, right here are there for you. Making the best use out of the space of your loft we will give you the best shade of room that you imagined it to be.


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