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About the Area

Located in the southwest Hertfordshire, Rickmansworth is 17 miles northwest of central London. This city is the administrative seat of the Three Rivers District Council and famous for its watery setting. Rickmansworth has been considered as a classic commuter town for its good schools, will-planned residential settlement and transport system. The city has outstanding natural beauty and is recognized as a great place to live with family.

Why You should Living in Rickmansworth

Rickmansworth is a peaceful place to raise kids and for living with a family. Additionally, the city is much cheaper than in comparison to other cities and has good educational institutes for students. Rickmansworth is a place anyone can imagine living happily in there; this city attracts numerous pupils to settle with the family.

Why is Loft conversion beneficial in Rickmansworth?

Everyone loves to have extra space in their house, especially if you have grownups, you may encounter the space inability and have ended up struggling to balance living space. If you are looking for budget-friendly solutions to this problem, a loft conversion can be your most suitable home improvement decision.

Whether you need an extra bedroom, storage space or any other additional space for your house, we can assure that our experts will help you with planning, designing and building the extra room you require.

Being a pioneer loft conversion company, here we are underlining a few major benefits of having a loft conversion in Rickmansworth.

Add real value in your property: Considering loft conversion is the most excellent way to increase your property value, and it adds significant value to your house, regardless of how small or big property you own. As per a few surveys, a loft conversion can add up to 20-25% extra value in your existing house, as it increases the living space of your house.

Increases your house space: This is one of the most significant advantages and reasons for a loft conversion. A well-planned and designed loft conversion will provide additional storage under the new stairs and even serve you with your extras desired space, even without decreasing the outside area of the house.

Save money: No other way of home improvement can leverage you with extra space and simultaneously add value in your house. Also, it is a great way to save you from the moving hassle. If due to lack of space, you are opting to change your house, it may be much more costly than conversion. Plus, moving not only is difficult in terms of finance, but it also impacts emotionally. On the other hand, conversion eliminates moving stress, and you will also obtain valuable space while saving a significant amount of money on the cost of relocating to a new house.

Source of natural light: Whether you are going for hip-to-gable or dormer loft conversion, getting your loft converted is always a great source of obtaining natural light- if planned properly. Right windows alignment maximum light, and make the room more attractive.

Grow the Family: Welcoming a new member of the family? Well, you may need an extra room. Rather than changing your existing study, gym or guest room, a loft conversion will help you, with implementing a brand new space. Our experts can assist with a tailored space to keep your new baby safe and happy.

What do we offer?

If you are looking for a loft conversion, and want the entire conversion process to be smooth, there is no better company than us to choose from. 

How We Work

It is imperative to us, when we undertake a loft conversions project, we always make sure that our clients will receive their dream loft about which they envisioned for long.

We do not make any compromise in serving our clients with the best quality services at a competitive price.

Before we initiate any of our work, regardless of the terraced house or semi-detached property, we advise our clients through the process and do not take any step further, without taking their consent. Our work always ensures to make conversion a worthy investment, and we always achieve stunning loft conversion for our clients.

Our work process includes:

Consultation and site survey: As a first step, we try to understand your approach and requirement for the conversion

  • We conduct a free site survey as per your preference schedule and convenience.
  • Discuss about your conversion requirement and acknowledge your vision.
  • We make planning and strategies to help in creating your stunning loft conversion
  • Our next step would be to provide you with the cost-efficient plan for the loft conversion project
  • You can ask us any question if you have


After having a discussion about your need and vision about conversion, our architect and structural engineer start working on project designing and structural planning. As loft conversion specialists, we share a complete quotation breakdown and evaluate the construction of the property from the layout to more complex designs such as wiring, lighting and plumbing.

  • We adhere to all planning regulations.
  • We streamline the project in motion.
  • We work closely with our clients
  • We share a complete outline such as, project completion timeline and what you should expect.


Our specialist designs the blueprint for the whole project and includes a project manager to carry out the entire project successfully.

  • We always believe in doing best and complete the project within the given timeline
  • with simpler constructions, we aim at achieving the project within a few weeks
  • Before leaving your project after work, we leave your property newly refurbished and modern with no mess

At the end of the construction, we invite you to check the complete work properly. Also, we do an inspection for eliminating any error if it has.

We handover all the required documents to you and hope that you will enjoy your new space to the fullest.

Looking to have a conversion in Rickmansworth? Contact us today to discuss your idea..

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion Rickmansworth

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion Rickmansworth

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion extends your house on the sloping side by replacing the roof with a vertical wall called the Gable. This gives maximum internal head height and floor space. Hip to Gable loft conversions are ideal for Rickmansworth homeowners with semi-detached, end of terraced, bungalows or detached properties. We provide full planning, design to build service.

Dormer Loft Conversion Rickmansworth

Dormer Loft Conversion Rickmansworth

Dormer Loft Conversion is the most popular type of Loft Conversion undertaken by Rickmansworth homeowners. This is simply the extension of the existing roof vertically that allows extra additional floor space and headroom. There are height requirements of at least two metres or higher, with no need for planning permission in many cases.

Velux Loft Conversion Rickmansworth

Velux Loft Conversion Rickmansworth

Velux or Roof Light Loft Conversion is the simplest and economical of all Loft Conversions in Rickmansworth. The roof of your house remains unchanged, we only install attractive Velux windows that bring in plenty of natural light. As the roof structure remains intact, no planning is required. Velux Loft Conversions require considerably less construction work compared to the others and are less disruptive too.

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