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Looking for a Loft Conversion in Reading? We undertake all loft conversion work in Reading right from design to build. Contact our team today for a free estimate and site survey .

Looking to add more space to your house in Reading? 

Ever wondered that your lofts can convert to a beautiful insight? A loft can be your luxurious place with comfortable outfits. Many people think that living a luxurious life is very expensive. Luxury was expensive, indeed now not anymore. Here comes the most exciting offer for you to sculpt your stone into a statue. Loft Conversion London is one place for all your dream homes. With Loft Conversion London you can now plan and execute which was once thought to be impossible.

Loft Conversion London offers its operation in London and its surrounding places. Out there in Reading, one of the most delightful places to live, it is quite difficult for you to buy a bigger home within a budget. So many people have started to convert the existing place by undertaking a Loft Conversion. 

Here is the solution for your most sought questions. The Loft Conversion London offers to modify those loft spaces into a home or a workspace as per your wish. It provides the best loft conversion Reading you can ever find!


A loft conversion is typically the process of conversion of the loft spaces into purposeful rooms. Depending upon the size and area available the loft conversions in Reading are available in different types. The major types include 

The Loft conversion London is proud to say that it offers all the above types at a cost much lesser than its peers.


Lack of Space - If your house has less space, a loft conversion can be a great way to solve the problem. It's a simple, cost-effective solution to enhance your home.

Adds value to your Home – An attic conversion opens up your home's potential for the future. It is the easiest, quickest way to extend your accommodation and add considerable value to a home. The extra room not only adds to your property’s price but also makes it a valuable asset leaving ultimate satisfaction.

Our loft conversion reading service includes -

  • Feasibility survey and detailed quotation
  • Design and planning
  • Conversion of loft space
  • Installation of windows and flooring
  • Installation of access staircase
  • Electrics and plumbing installed
  • Ceiling and plastering work


Loft Conversion London gives more than just loft conversion. It offers various services like house renovation, kitchen extension, house extension, house remodeling, painting, and decorations, etc. It is a stop solution for all your plausible questions. Moreover, these services are provided at a never imaginable price in Reading that you may still have enough money to rent a new plot. We have successfully finished 512 projects without any discrepancies. We also have unfolded the 22 years of experience to deliver the best service to you.

Once acquainted with Loft Conversion London , you may not like to spend the rest of your life in your normal home when you can have a remodeled luxury at reach. They propose to deliver the product on time and promise to charge no extra cost, other than those mentioned in the document. Also, we show up the transparency in every single detail they perform. In addition to these benefits, the company also takes care of all the permission seeking aspects leaving you to only dream about your workspace. The brand imparts free site-visits and site-evaluation so that you can have a clear picture of what and how questions before dwelling onto the project.

Nothing but the Best for our Loft Conversion Reading Customers! 

The Loft Conversion London team gives the best to its customers as it believes home is where we spend most of our lives so we better make it the best!  We use the latest tools and technologies to complete the work without any untidiness. By using the precision tools to scale out the exact requirements and work upon the project accordingly. There are no hidden expenses in our quote and we give our customers enough time to plan the budget. With Loft Conversion London, you can settle your mind and boost up your creativity levels. So why wait when you can the dream house right in front of you? Contact our Loft Conversion London team to experience the best loft conversion for your Reading home.

Contact us for a quote free of charge so get in touch as we'll love to talk about your project.

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