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Increase your Northwood Property Value with a Quality Loft Conversion 

The values of London property are already significantly higher than those of anywhere else in the UK. While this is good news for you if you already own a home in the capital, the downside is that if you outgrow your London home and consider expanding your accommodation by moving to a larger property, the asking price for a next-size property will also increase. Loft conversions are a simple and effective way to add living space and value to your property, the fact that you can build this new space exactly as you wish makes it even more enticing. A beautifully-designed loft conversion NorthWood might be the ideal solution for that long-awaited extra space.


Technically a loft conversion is a process of converting an extra or an available space into a productive area. This area can be designed as a living room, kids’ area, or even to a workspace. These creations can provide some sort of extravagance at an affordable cost. It’s time to give your loft conversion NorthWood a wow-factor finish. There are various types of loft conversion as per the space availability. Some of the prominent types include:

1.      Dormer Loft Conversion 

2.      Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

3.      Mansard Loft Conversion

4.      Velux Loft Conversion

5.     L Shaped Loft Conversion

Though these types vary phenotypically the fundamental basis remains the same for all models.


Northwood is an area situated in the northern part of London. The place is famous for its hills and delicious beverages these things make the place suitable for many lustful travelers and to many artistic people. The area is filled with arts and culture. As the place grows and develops the usable area decreases. Hence people tend to use the alternate form available right at their doorsteps. This is where the Loft conversion London comes into the picture. The Loft conversion London provides the best loft conversion and its allied services in the whole of London and its surroundings.

The Cost of Conversion -

A bonus for choosing Loft Conversion London as your company for Loft Conversion Northwood is the cost of the conversion. There’s no point in worrying about the budget here and you should spend as much as your pocket allows you. Loft Conversion London works like a professional and doesn’t charge any more than what is signed in the contract. The designers will show you the design depending on the type of work you wish to do in your home. You also won’t have to worry about permissions for the building project, the workers take care of all that. The best part is there won’t be any major interruptions in your routine life.

Do You Need Planning Permission?

A few properties may require arranging consents and permissions depending upon the structure and the designs you are getting done, but that all will be sorted by the expert workers of Loft conversion Northwood. Loft Conversion London provides you an assessor for a free visit to give you the conversion details and tell you about the building security guidelines. For example, if you are changing over it to an additional room, at that point, the structure guidelines may well specify that the entrance to the zone should be ensured by a fire entryway.

Loft Conversion Requirements -

•           Plumbing and Heating -  Loft conversion Northwood would indicate you to get a focal warming or even arrange to have an ensuite restroom on the off chance that you want to get plumbing work done in any area.

•           Height Restrictions - One thing that many non-professional companies get off-base is the measure of room their loft conversion will make after it's finished. When you put in the foundation and the new dividers and protection, you can possibly diminish that space at any rate a third. This is why you should always hire expert architects.

•           Flooring for Your Loft Conversion -  The joists in the loft are intended to help the roof beneath and are not commonly made for the additional load of another floor. That implies the region should be lifted and reinforced before the ground surface can be laid.

•           Extra Windows - You may have a solitary little window on the rooftop however should give all the more light to your loft conversion. That implies placing in another window and making the space for it.

•           Access - Getting to and from your loft conversion, as a rule, includes building another flight of stairs with an entryway.

 •          Insulation - You likewise need to consider protection and the structure review should ensure this satisfies current guidelines.

There's no dispute over the fact that a loft conversion includes a colossal measure of work, time, and cost. But in the end, you will get to have more space, nonetheless, while adding to the estimation of your house, it's as yet one of the most alluring choices for expanding a property. Cautious arranging and working with a respectable manufacturer are critical to guaranteeing your loft conversion venture is a triumph.

Loft conversion Northwood is famous for creating attics and transforming them into the world's most stylish places. We have 5 ideas to transform your attic with a dormer roof through our loft conversion work -

5 Ideas to transform your attic -

1.   You can convert it into a sweet attic bedroom, which could serve as a guest bedroom or even a bedroom for your child. These sort of attic conversions can be found famously in Georgian country houses. You can also install twin beds as they sit nicely in a small space. When you imagine it with cream paneling that brings light and glamour you will be forced to consider a renovation.

2.   The designers at Loft conversion Northwood also have the experience of recreating an attic-like a vintage room from Venice. This could serve as an excellent study or gathering room for your next tea-party. You can proudly show off your classic moldings to those who still have dark gloomy spider homes in the name of attic.

3.   It would surprise you how an attic can take the modern yet rustic look giving you the feel of a ballroom. When you decide to add decorations such as the chandelier with a  canopy bed many could bite the tongue with amazement. This leisure spot can be the diamond of your house if planned well.

4.   We all have used the attic for storage. But the clever people design the attic with walls that can issue you storage space along with enough space that fits in a beautiful bed. This could be your walk-in closet bedroom. All you have to do is ask the Loft conversion Northwood designer is to work their magic with your wishes.

5.   If you want an office with extra sunlight and some state of the art bookshelves. Then you must consult the attic renovation plan. They make the best office room and give you enough space to convert it into a semi-study area too.

Loft conversion London is the best platform you would want to trust your home with. We stick to the budget and save you from finding different professionals for different tasks. We assure you a great experience with Loft Conversion Northwood. We understand the planning permissions required and are willing to go an extra mile for you if required.


It offers the people with the best of London’s resources and that it gives the quality assurance to them. They are featured as the number 1 company by Google. The quality and discipline which they adhere to, have made them rise to this level. It shows Northwood the best of construction pieces of equipment used by the experienced people. It has many noteworthy people on board who wishes to their full potential to each and every customer. They propose to abide by the norms and they promise the clients that they shall not deviate by the rules. They also give the estimate beforehand at reasonable prices placed ahead, so that the customers can make the necessary arrangements.


Furthermore, the loft conversion London takes all the permission seeking procedures and other necessities under their heads leaving you to just enjoy the process of creation of your dream house. Also they strive hard to deliver the product on time as they value the customer’s time wistfully. With that being said they also ensure that the quality of the construction is never compromised at any cost. This leads the company to glorify further and further. They have satisfied thousands of customers with their service. This has enabled them to be the Google’s most visited site regarding loft conversion Northwood.


One important task of any company is to quench the dream of the customer. In that, the loft conversion London proudly affirms that it has been to satisfy its dear customer to their fullest. Also, the aftermath services provided by them are so remarkable that people often consider them to be part of the family. Before commencing on any project, the loft conversion London offers free site-visits and gives a clear picture of the plan and its mode of working. Once the instigation has taken place each and every client is assigned a personal manager whose duty is to only take care of the single work assigned to him with utmost care and love. The company also makes sure that the person appointed goes by the rules and regulations. With the best assistance bestowing on the people the troupe also ensures to be reasonable with their pricing. Also, they provide a year’s warranty for all those things they have created for you. These things make the loft conversion London to be one of the best loft conversion Northwood.

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