Kingston Loft Conversions 

Where is Kingston Located? 

Kingston upon Thames, also known as just Kingston, is the administrative center of the Royal Kingston Borough and one of the major metropolitan centers in London. About 33 feet above sea level, this southwest London borough is about 10 miles southwest of Charing Cross.

I love visiting Kingston as place is so exhilarating being above sea level and it is so easy to go anywhere for direct trains to Kingston leave every 15 minutes from London Waterloo.

Why Kingston is a great place to live?

This lovely borough has all the things every family desire. There are lots of budget-friendly available family home for sale or for rent, a superb shopping complex that has all supplies you will ever need and there are great schools  for your kids. Kingston as a historic borough besides the river is one of the best places for family to live.

If you are seeking for more space and safe neighborhoods outside the city, Kingston on the Thames is the right prime spot.

Home sweet home Kingston

Most families and retirees seeking for a better place to live prefer Kingston with its large property minus the high cost as the neighboring boroughs. Kingston offers a significant line of shopping complexes that provide a good array of your needs, Education is no problem as there are fine schools for families with young children seeking to settle here. They can opt for Ofsted ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ schools. Here is the Kingston University that achieved the highest number of scores in the Locality Reality postcode hitting the 9.3 mark on Traps Lane. Properties are within the budget of most families, averaging around £530,000 making the area cheaper than most neighborhoods.

Why Loft Conversion over house move?

When homes are getting too small and an extra space is needed. homeowners turn to loft conversions that are made easy it with expertise from loft specialists. The locals of Kingston have discovered that they already have that space inside their homes and with the help of loft builders can utilize it with stunning results.

Converting loft is both cost effective and an easy achievable way of adding more home space. Loft space has many uses in most homes as Kingston bungalow conversions are also popular choice for owners who want to extend their current living space rather than move to other houses.

Best features of loft converters from our company

There are many companies offering loft conversions in Kingston but ‘first choice for it is a commitment for first-rate service. Conversions are very popular ways to create any room according to your fancy such as utility rooms, ground floor bathrooms or children’s play areas from unused space. Our company offers you these services:

*Our team members are all highly qualified and experienced for many years;

* We designed every aspect of the project is in harmony with your home plan;

*The entire job is done hassle free with no mess from planning to completion;

*Loft conversions are usually completed based on contract agreement;

* We provide years of written guarantee for all work; and

*All work follows Health and Safety guidelines; and

*Entire work is subject to stringent inspection and certification whenever necessary.

Loft conversions highlights

Of course, it is well-known that only well- designed loft conversion can multiply twice and even more the cost to the value of your home. Research studies conducted by the Nationwide Building Society in their research concluded that up to 20% to your house value is added by loft conversion. If you're looking at a house valued at £200,000, that's an increase of up to £40,000. We have been converting lofts for more than 3 decades and we can attest to this benefit.

Six main types of loft conversion

1. Loft conversions called the roof light is the cheapest type as it needs the smallest amount of work in the structure of the existing space. The only alteration made is the addition of windows.

2. The most popular type is the loft conversions called dormer that offers double advantages: easy way to add more lights and achieve a full headroom by increasing the roof space. To have a bigger flat-roofed ‘box’ dormer, change the roof structure at the sides or back of the house.

3. Usually found on the side of either end-terrace or semi-detached houses is the loft conversion called hip-to-gable. Removing the hipped (or sloping) side of the roof, a new vertical gable is formed when the end wall is built up straight.

4. A new box extension is included in this gable-to-gable loft conversion that spans the space in-between each gable end. To act like bookends, you need to lengthen the height of the gable end walls.

5. If you need extra volume, Mansard loft conversion is your type. The process is quite complication as the sides are very steep and sloping while over the top flat roof is placed.

6. When the existing loft space is not adopted for conversion, use the modular extension loft conversions. The new room measurements are taken and a modular loft is manufactured off site and delivered to the house as a module. For installation, the existing roof must be removed,

There are versatile ways to utilize your converted loft:

Create your own stylish loft bathroom.

Bulky beams with awkward dimensions have very limiting factor but they be used to create a bathroom in an available loft space. The shower might require an amount of headroom and an easy entry, a bath can be constructed under a low ceiling. Utilized plain and simple shapes, as well as, the usual color palette for it complements period architecture. You can depend on your reliable loft roof to become a usable space with a stairway as access. Imagine the extra bedroom with a modern bathroom, or study or workroom you always wanted in the loft that could turn out to be the best and most spacious room in the house, a place you will be proud of.

Your very own home office

If do not need an extra sleeping quarter in the loft and a new sleeping area is not your family needs, but decide to work from home, then a home office might be the best use for your converted loft. To maximize productivity and produce more work, your home office must have lots of natural light. Refrain from using those black-out blinds and heavy dark solid drapes. Instead, opt for pale blinds as pink, light blue and neutral shades that allow entry of natural light in but at the same time minimize the glare. Light is necessary during the summer months, as well as, during the winter months when cold days are shorter.

Loft conversion for kids

Your kids will laud you for giving them the loft as their very own space with no mommy watching their activities. They can even decorate the room themselves, but it must be cozy with lots of light and air. Children’s room must be filled with light and bright colors. Kids must be encouraged to express their personality using colors, decors soft furnishings and other accessories.

Your loft conversion dressing room

Now you have your own dressing room after you made use of the space in the eaves with built in storage that helps to overcome the limitations of an awkward sloping roof. The large skylight floods the space with natural light, while the proper position of your floorboards will give you the appearance of a longer space. How about tacking a wardrobe onto the side of a large master bedroom?

Your walk – in closet

Movie stars are proud of their walk-in closet that they proudly show off in the magazines. Why not create one for you? This would be a good idea to use your loft conversion. Since your space is inadequate but plan to create a walk-in closet into your loft conversion, opt an open-type wardrobe or a clothes rack to maximize the space you want. You can use the rack to show your collection of bags, shoes and other items of interest.

Space for fitting and storage

If you are looking for a space to store useful articles safely, then use your converted loft. Just be sure to make the most of space that might otherwise have been wasted by proper placement of those items. One day when stored items are gone, you think of more ways to use your converted apace.

Facts you should know before starting conversion

1: Consider the area where you live with people having homes with loft conversions. These lofts are well- executed most of them using ecologically friendly materials that will greatly benefit the environment of the area.

2: A bathroom made from loft conversion is practical and affordable that easily fits the space in the loft. Sometimes, plumbing or water tank is necessary, but you can find a way in supplying water in your loft.

3: Planning permission may not be needed for the in 2008, legislation on permit development ruled that any extension not beyond 2 storeys does not need a permit as long as they are within the limitations set by the legislation. Consider your house and the area as well as your property. Buildings are subjected to far more regulations.

4: Loft conversions are not only affordable but need shorter time to complete than extensions. Just consider a dormer conversion, it requires 4 weeks but not more than 6 weeks for completion. But when the size is bigger and the style more complicated, then more time is needed.

5. All types of homes can have their lofts converted whether it is a mansion with its elaborate Victorian terrace or a small bungalow for two, there will always be a style of loft conversion made fit exactly what you need.

6. Loft conversions are becoming popular and a favorite in most households they fit the family need, as well as, their budget. Whether it is conversion for a larger family unit or for just a powder room for Madame, an extra room for hobbies and entertaining, loft conversions continue to be both economically and practically a good option.

Now that you know everything about loft conversion, you can start your project. You will not do it alone as we will be with you all the way. For your free estimate or for more information on the loft, call us anytime for free quote; we are just a click away!

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