Rear dormer loft conversion- Kings Way

Brief about the conversion type: This type of conversion is suitable for all sizes and shapes, and the rear dormer loft conversion was carried out for a semi-detached building located in Gibbon  Road.

Reason for the conversion: To create an extra bedroom with an en-suite for the growing family.

We were delighted to be a part of their wonderful moment and decided to choose rear dormer loft conversion for maximizing the space and value of the house.

A rear dormer loft conversion is significantly popular across this area and our specialist analyzes every product in-depth to ensure that no stone remains left unturned.

Our specialist detailed drawing has given our client a clear picture and understanding about the work.

The cost of conversion

Our conversion build is tailored to fulfil our client's requirements. However, the same type of conversion can also vary in terms of pricing as each project needs some individual designing and planning. In order to help our client with pricing clarity, we first do a site survey to understand the work requirement. After doing an intensive site-survey, we provide our client with a free no-obligation quote. During our analysis, we grasp our client planning and make them aware of the circumstances if any, and give clarity about what we do best.

Here, the purpose of creating rear dormer loft conversion was to protrude out of the existing slope of the roof and to produce usable space with extra headroom. The entire conversion process was costing an averaging at around £35,000.

Designing and building process

Once our client agreed with the terms and pricing, we moved ahead with our team of architects and structural engineers. Also, we checked if we need any planning permission for our conversion work. Once we got the approval from the planning permission, the project was handed over to the construction team to work upon.

A new space to welcome a new member

As our client has a desire to convert that space into something appealing for welcoming their child, we guided them to turn it into a soft and cosy space. We have accomplished a new room with a few essential furniture and beautiful painting. Plus we kept the colour theme bright with proper ventilation and lighting. Our all-white theme with pink shade was ready to produce the appearance of a lighter and larger room while giving a soft touch.

Our client at Kings Way was so pleased with our entire work process and professionalism.

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