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Located in south Buckinghamshire, Gerrards Cross is named after a Gerrard's Family from the 17th Century. Gerrards Cross has excellent transport links into London and is regarded as the most sought after village in London according to London Top 100 report with average house prices being in excess of £1,000,000. 

Is a Loft Conversion worth it?

Most of us often think about upgrading and extending our existing house to get some extra space for our house.  A loft conversion is the most suitable way to get some much-needed space for a growing family by adding value to the home.

Benefits of Loft Conversion in Gerrards Cross

Loft conversion option can increase your house value by 20%. Appartingy it is the most appealing way to use 'dead' space to create the desired room. It also cost less per square meter to convert a loft rather than a convention extension. Most of the loft conversions get carried out without any planning permission.

Rather than moving to another house, a loft conversion can be a significant cost-effective option. It allows you to turn your existing home into a new beautiful place, without spending a truckload amount of money, reshaping your house into a better and bigger one permits you to stay in the same loveable place without any moving hassle.

With the rising population in Gerrards cross, finding a new space according to your requirements is becoming a task. However, Loft conversion gives you an opportunity to turn your house into your dream project. You can share your designs and ideas with our architects, and they will discuss with you in case of any discrepancy.

Things to consider while selecting a builder in Gerrards Cross

With the increasing popularity of loft conversion, it is not a surprise that many homeowners are now converting their roof space. A loft conversion is one of the least intrusive building projects to take on, and when you break through your existing ceiling into a fresh airy space, you will feel how beneficial it is to have a new floor.

Many builders offer a loft conversion service, which makes it challenging to find out the most valuable and perfect loft partner. However, while searching for someone to cater your loft conversion Gerrards Cross work, you should consider below points:

Value of money -  You should ensure what exactly you are paying for. Check for the materials and services which are included in your quote, as the cheaper quote is not always worth going with. Our Loft conversion Gerrards Cross services always follows a 100% transparent policy. We use the same materials and service which we quote to you, and do not believe in any hidden charges. We make sure to include all title and bathroom furniture (if required) in our quote and allow you to choose materials and items which suit your personal taste.

Quality assurance - As a reputable builder, we assure our client with quality work. We appreciate it if you want to inspect our work in person. We ensure that the quality of our task gets completed to a high standard.

Meet with the team - A standard basic conversion can take almost 2-3 weeks. Meeting with the team and being comfortable with them can make the work convenient for both, owner and tradesmen. Our friendly and professional team always try to make the environment light, to address any questions you may have openly.

5 Loft Interior Ideas to Transform Your Space in Gerrards Cross

Located south Buckinghamshire, Gerrards Cross is a desirable place to live. This place has also been referred to as a mini Hollywood because of having several celebrities houses here such as Cilla Black, Paul Daniels, Val Dominica.

Gerrards Cross has several good schools and is safe, well-maintained and manicured, which makes it an ideal place to live with family. This place has an outstanding Natural Beauty and has a wide area of Georgia, that makes it a perfect place for growing kids.

If you own a house and are looking to expand it to fulfil your growing needs, the loft conversion is a great way to get an extra room in your property, even without compromising an outdoor space. Finding the right conversion idea can be challenging as sometimes lofts can be small and somewhat awkward spaces. However, Loft Conversion Gerrards Cross can help you to get the right design to achieve a space that is both functional and valuable.

Take a look at some of the smart and professional ideas to brighten your space.

  • Twitch functionality - Sloping roof bathrooms can create an awkward situation and can feel the lack of functionality. A small design change can make it a huge difference in the enjoyment and a utilization of using the space. You can make the shower comfortable to use, as you can turn it into a light-filled bathing space with a freestanding tub.
  • Keep the colours bright - While doing an interior loft conversion, you should accomplish it with bright, light and neutral colours. These colours make it look larger and open up space primarily. As a smaller space in the top of the house may not have many visitors, so you can worry less about keeping these neutral decorations and furnishings clean and clutter-free.
  • Mezzanine/attic space - Opening up the sloping ceiling to increase the height always leaves a dramatic effect, that makes more natural light and ventilation. The better light makes the room feel bigger and more inviting. You can opt for Dormer or skylight loft conversion here. Though the renovation depends on the height of your ceiling as if you have a tall room, it makes the conversion simpler. On the other hand, if you want to remove the roof to get the desired height, it may be more expensive and a more significant project. Although if you are doing any significant renovation, there are Building Regulations with which you'll need to comply.
  • Consider the room purpose - You can transform your loft into a bedroom, bathroom, office and more. Though before putting your hands on it, consider the purpose of the loft conversion carefully. Loft conversion Gerrards Cross can help you to increase the value of your interior loft by suggesting a few valuable ideas by considering the size and architectural features of your attic. That will help you to dictate what type of conversion would work best for you.
  • Maximize your storage space - Expanding your loft gives you additional valuable space. Though it completely depends on you how you can maximize the utilization of every bit of that space. However, you can invest in custom made storage and incorporate it with drawers or wardrobes. It helps you to maximize your space and give an elegant look. Floating shelves can be another option for maximizing your space utilization, and it also takes less space and acts as a sleek display unit.

What to consider with a Loft Conversion for your Gerrards Cross Home

●Cost & Feasibility -  The cost of a loft conversion depends on several factors, such as the layout, shape, conversion type and age of your house. Having a sufficient headspace has a huge impact on the overall cost and scope of conversion. If your floor joists aren't strong enough, you may need deeper beams and/or steelwork to support the loadings, which may increase the costing. As a specialist, Loft conversion Gerrards Cross will be able to advise you with better potential designs.

●Fire Safety -  It is always a priority to consider safety implications if you are changing your house structure. If you are adding a new storey, it will need new binding on the ceilings below, to provide extra fire protection and will need a big window as an emergency fire exit.

●Building Regulations -  As loft conversion is considered as a minor change in the house, and if you are doing an interior loft conversion, you don't really need to apply for any building regulation approval, but it also does not hurt to apply. It would be a great idea to have permissions before engaging with the services to avoid any further disputes and having it will take the risk out of the project, and make it easier for any builders to give you a fixed quote.

It can be hard to justify the significant financial investment and the upheaval involved while the works are taking place, if you are not getting proper advantages of conversion for a long term. Taking a step up the property ladder to get the perfect interior loft conversion is a big step.

With our local knowledge about Gerrards Cross, we'd be happy to guide you in the direction of a perfect conversion.

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What Loft Conversion London offers?

Loft conversion London is a well-known, trusted name across London and Gerrards Cross. We have converted dozens of lofts in Gerrards Cross with the wide range of loft conversion options.

We are familiar with the town planning regulation procedure, and we can help you if any paperwork is required. Our experienced and well-skilled team always try to deliver the most satisfactory outcome to our clients and follow all stages of the build to maintain strict high standards.

Gerrards Cross properties tend to be in a more substantial side, which allows you to convert your loft into more spacious hip to gable conversion type. However, before advising you on any particular conversion type, we precisely discuss what you want to gain from the conversion, and we work accordingly.

Our work procedure

Site visit -  Once you contact us for any loft conversion, as a first step, according to your convenience we schedule a meeting with you. One of our experts visits your property to have a discussion about your requirements and views. Our professional surveyor will discuss your specific requirements and interpret them into a basic plan After listing your needs, and doing a property inspection to understand the possibilities, our expert will advise you the most suitable type of conversion.

Construction process -  After the first step, we start working on papers and sign all the necessary contracts. Also, if any planning permission is required, our team starts working on that. Once all the paperwork goes done, we start our construction work. We always keep you in a loop and update about the work progress.

After construction - Construction completion is not the last stage for us. After the end, we once look closely to eliminate any errors or faults to fix them.

The last stage - At last, we handover your dream project to you, including all the necessary papers. Now your project is ready to enjoy.

We are passionate about our work, and truly take care of all of our client's requirements. We would be delighted to hear from you if we can help in any of your conversion work. Call us if you are looking to take the next step on the property ladder.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion Gerrards Cross

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion Gerrards Cross

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion extends your house on the sloping side by replacing the roof with a vertical wall called the Gable. This gives maximum internal head height and floor space. Hip to Gable loft conversions are ideal for Gerrards Cross homeowners with semi-detached, end of terraced, bungalows or detached properties. We provide full planning, design to build service.

Dormer Loft Conversion Gerrards Cross

Dormer Loft Conversion Gerrards Cross

Dormer Loft Conversion is the most popular type of Loft Conversion undertaken by Gerrards Cross homeowners. This is simply the extension of the existing roof vertically that allows extra additional floor space and headroom. There are height requirements of at least two metres or higher, with no need for planning permission in many cases.

Velux Loft Conversion Gerrards Cross

Velux Loft Conversion Gerrards Cross

Velux or Roof Light Loft Conversion is the simplest and economical of all Loft Conversions in Gerrards Cross. The roof of your house remains unchanged, we only install attractive Velux windows that bring in plenty of natural light. As the roof structure remains intact, no planning is required. Velux Loft Conversions require considerably less construction work compared to the others and are less disruptive too.

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