How much value can a Loft Conversion in Bromley add in 2024?

A loft conversion in Bromley is a fantastic opportunity to boost the value of your home without the need to relocate. Did you know that converting your loft in Bromley can add as much as 25% in value to the property, which ensures a profitable investment in the long run. In some suburbs of Bromley, where space is limited, loft conversions have become the preferred choice for families seeking to enhance their homes. Not only is it a more cost-effective alternative to moving, but it also provides the added benefit of expanding your living space.

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Custom Design Loft

Bespoke loft conversions in Bromley

We specialise in high-quality custom Loft Conversions across Bromley and around South London. We have built numerous bespoke loft conversions in Bromley which are fully tailored to the client's personal requirements and preferences. Our Loft Conversions in Bromley allow families to add habitable space to their homes without the need to move home.


Types Of Lofts

Bromley Loft Conversions

We offer a range of Loft Conversion types in Bromley, which include, dormer, mansard, hip to gable, L-shaped and velux loft conversions. Our team of builders will transform your house, giving you more living space and thereby increasing the value of your property.

Loft Ideas

Our latest Loft Conversions in Bromley

Browse through our latest loft conversions and extensions in Bromley to get an idea of what our specialist Loft Conversion team can build for you.

Loft Conversion Process

Our step by step process for Loft Conversion in Bromley

We try to keep the Loft Conversion process as simple as possible from conception to completion, always keeping you informed and involved in every step. Our process includes an initial survey and design followed by architectural drawings and structural calculations. Thereafter, we will quote based on the drawings. Once happy with our quote, our architects apply for planning permission and commence your building work and finally the completion of your new loft conversion. Our team is ready to discuss any aspect of the project in more detail at all times.


Creating More Space For You

Whether your family is growing, renting out a room in your property, or simply want a new study or office, a loft conversion is an ideal solution to maximise space in your house. This is a cost-effective alternative to moving and will increase the value of your property when you decide to sell in the future. No matter the project size, we will build you a loft that reflects your style and meets your lifestyle’s needs.


What can we do for your Property in Bromley?

If you would like to discuss the ways in which a Loft Conversion could enhance your Bromley home, call us on 020 3951 8426 or email to ask us any questions. For a free site survey and design consultation please fill out the form on the right and our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Loft Conversion Bromley 

Bromley has been considered as the 6th safest place for living with family. It is situated as a large town in South East London and famously known as the traditional centre of London. Bromley has a wide range of houses including small Victorian cottages to large, detached & Edwardian houses. The city has also ranked as the third happiest place to live. Yet the town has fewer people per acre than any others, and most of the people prefer here to enhance their old house rather than moving away.

Benefits of considering a Loft Conversion in Bromley

A loft conversion is a prudent and worthwhile way to improve your home with significant benefits. Here we are sharing a few of the advantages a loft conversion brings:

  • Extra space -  You may have experienced or known that moving is the hardest thing to do. Moreover, if you are settled in a good location, you don't want to move as it impacts on money as well as causing a real headache. It also can be tough for your kids to mix up with new friends, additionally adding the trouble to moving schools. Converting your loft into an extra room expands the living space in your home. Loft conversion helps you to gain the extra valuable space while saving your money. Similarly, if you are working from home, having a dedicated space to work and increase your productivity and make you work without any disturbance.
  • Increase Your Property Value - Adding a loft in the house can simply enhance your house value by 20%, but with the right and professional way can make it more considerable. As well as increasing value to your property and saving your costly moving money, a loft conversion can also be an extra source of income and could be a simple way to make a quick profit. Moreover, if you are a property developer, a loft conversion can be one of the most immediate steps as the return on investment is practically guaranteed in this.
  • Storage space -  Though it is not a very compelling reason for the conversion, creating an extra space helps you to keep your memories and valuables at a safe place        


Experienced Loft Conversion Company for Bromley Residents

We are highly experienced specialists in constructing all types of loft conversions. Our highly experienced team covers every construction aspect from start to completion. We work in the most practical way to serve our clients with professional and quality service, with an easier and stress-free experience.

Types of Loft Conversions for Bromley Residents

Our experts can build different types of a loft conversion to suit your house and budget.

Dormer Loft Conversions Bromley -  This is one of the most common and easiest types of conversion. This popular choice of conversion in Bromley is usually built on the outer side of the roof and is a cost-effective way to create much more living space in your home.

Hip to gable loft conversions Bromley -  A hip to a gable loft conversion is another popular choice among Bromley. Many semi-detached and detached properties have a hipped roof, and in this, the sloping roof will be replaced with a vertical wall.

Mansard loft conversions Bromley -  Opt for mansard loft conversion if you want to extend your house. It generally builds near to the rear property and alters the structure of the sloped roof, to give an almost vertical gradient of 72 degrees.

What is the cost of a Loft Conversion in Bromley?

Exactly how much loft conversion will cost, completely depends on the type and area. However, approximately a standard conversion may cost you around £30,000, and the price may rise if you are choosing bespoke storage and other designs add-ons.

Call loft conversion Bromley to add the extra valuable space and to have a discussion about pricing and others.


How does a loft conversion add Value to a house?

A loft conversion is one of the simplest ways to add Value into your house. However, we can’t put a hard figure on this as it depends on several other factors and variables which can differ with each house.

To get a vague idea of how much it might add, here we are sharing a few points that might affect your home’s Value.

  • Adding a bedroom can increase the Value - According to nationwide research, adding an extra bedroom can increase your property value by 20-21%. As of 2018, a home-based in Brighton is, on average, worth £360,000. By adding a bedroom, the house can on average increase the Value up to £75,600. A loft conversion is a significant way to convert your house from 2 bedrooms to 3 bedrooms house, which is one of the primary metrics for house valuations.
  • Add Value to your Lifestyle -  Unlike the other financial investments, a loft conversion adds immediate Value to your house. You can use your new space for guests, for your growing family, or even can convert it into your new office space. Conversion is not just a financial investment you do; it also adds Value in the sense that you will improve your lifestyle, especially if you have a growing family. Also, you can use your loft space to turn into your dream home cinema, which you always crave or in your workout place that allows you to save your expensive gym fee.


Why choose us for Loft Conversions in Bromley?

Professionalism -  We are in loft conversion from a long period, and our work has gained a reputation. We adhere to professional behaviour during our entire project work and not believe in compromising quality.

Quality: Our entire team holds a high level of Experience and workmanship to ensure quality and your satisfaction

Reliable -  Our all Loft conversion work in Bromley has completed to our own exceptionally high standards.

No hidden charges - We don't believe in 'hide and seek'. Our customer will be made fully aware of the cost before starting the work. We document everything and stay stuck with the agreement.


FAQ's about Loft Conversion answered

Do you have a question about Loft Conversions? We're here to help. Contact our team at Loft Conversion London

  • How can I find out if my Loft in Bromley can be Converted?

    The minimum height required for a Loft Conversion is 2.2m (from the floor to the highest point in your loft). If you do not have the required height, your ceilings can be lowered on your first floor.

  • How long does a Loft Conversion take to Complete?

    This depends on the size and type of Loft, most loft conversions take around 10-12 weeks. We can give you a more accurate estimation when we see your property.

  • How much does a Loft Conversion in Bromley Cost?

    Loft Conversion cost is determined by the size and type of the project, the features you would like, etc. Our architect will help you achieve the best use of your space within your budget. Most Lofts cost between £25,000 and £60,000.

  • Will I need to move out during the Loft Conversion?

    No - it's safe to carry on living in your house. Our team starts from the scaffolding before the stairs go in. We always try to limit the disruption during the construction process.

  • Do I need planning permission for a loft conversion in Bromley?

    Loft Conversions usually fall under the permitted development category therefore planning permission is not normally required. There are some exceptions like conservation areas, flats, or listed buildings. Our in-house surveyors can advise further on planning permission. For more info read our Planning Permission blog.

  • What is a party wall agreement and will I need one for a loft conversion?

    A party wall agreement is also known as PWA is required if you own semi-detached or terraced property. In simple words, if you are working within or near your neighbor’s boundary then you will need a party wall agreement in place. Click here for more info.

  • Does a loft conversion add value to my Bromley home?

    Yes - it will add from 15% to 25% upwards depending on the size, design, and type of Loft. Read more about adding value here.

  • Will my Loft Conversion be subject to Building regulations?

    Yes, all Loft conversions require building regulation approval from the local authority. These regulations are important to ensure the safety measures are in place and they set a protocol of construction and design to follow.

  • Can I use my own plans?

    Absolutely yes, we will work with you to achieve your dream new living space.

Types of loft conversions


Storage Ideas for your Loft Conversion

How will a custom Loft Conversion make a difference to your Bromley home

Save Money on Moving Home

Save Money on Moving Home

Increase Value of Home

Increase Value of Home

Add Something New to your House

Add Something New to your House

Increase your House Living Space

Increase your House Living Space

Building regulation for a Loft Conversion

Depending on the conversion type, you may require to take planning approval. Building regulations are a set of minimum standards documents which are required when designing, building or altering a building. 

Some of the construction projects aspect's needs to comply with a few guidelines, such as -

  • Foundations
  • Fire Escape
  • Drainage
  • Stability
  • Ventilation
  • Safety

We ensure to inform the inspector about the start of a loft conversion to avoid any dispute. After being notified, the inspector may visit the site for general Inspection and to check the building conditions on commencement. Things may they check -

  • Fire regulations
  • Windows & Doors
  • Structure (steels, timbers & stairs)
  • Commencement
  • Drainage
  • Final Inspection (exterior complete)

After finishing the project, the inspector will come again for a final inspection and will sign off and provide a completion certificate.

How to add value to your loft in Bromley?

Located in South East London- Bromley is the traditional centre of London. Bromley has been considered as one of the safest places to live in London. Bromley is a highly sought area for living with family, with plenty of houses available across the city. The city is well connected with the rest of the parts and a more affordable option for living in the capital compared to other boroughs.

Converting your house in the loft in Bromley is not only an exciting project it also adds a great value into your house if it has done correctly. A perfectly designed layout adds real usable space and lots of light through roof windows.

Adding a loft conversion saves selling up to search for another property and paying legal expenses over again.


Generally, a well built and perfectly appointed loft conversion can increase your property value up to 20%. However, it can be an overwhelming process, mostly for those who have never gone through any building process earlier.

However, you do need to worry, as whenever you feel stuck, loft conversion Bromley can help!! We can help you with your loft conversion to maximise your properties value.


Before spending budget on the loft, you should consider the existing structure of your house. You should check that the changes you are considering are able to fulfil your requirements or not. Does it go to give you a profitable return? As a loft storage conversion may not alone significantly increase the Value of your property.

Although your existing loft is not high enough for conversion, you can still alter the section of the roof to get the extra headspace.


Our Loft conversion company in Bromley is a pioneer service provider who can assist and support you through every aspect of the conversion process. However, we also like to involve our clients in our work as an integral part of the overall undertaking. We believe in delivering you the project which you have dreamed of.

Loft conversion Bromley services include: -

  • Details estimate of conversion according to your prefered type.
  • Proper assistance with designing
  • detailed fair planning
  • Flexibility
  • Attention to fine detail

Therefore, whether you want an expert evaluation of your plans, or want a complete loft conversion, contact loft conversion Bromley, to help you in transforming your house.


There are six main types of conversion, and each has its benefits for different functions.

Dormer loft conversions:

This is one of the most famous and simplest types of the loft conversion. It generally requires no dramatic changes and an ideal conversion for the restricted place. But it may appear unsightly from the outside of the home.

Pros of Dormer conversion: -

  • Leaves straight walls and flat ceilings
  • Proper light and ventilation
  • Proper use of headroom
  • Increase a large additional internal space
  • Suitable for most of the Bromley houses
  • very cost-effective compared to others.

Rooflight conversion -

Rooflight conversion does not require any alter or expansion in the existing space, as it simply add-in window (you’d be surprised at the wide range of roof windows it offers) and transforms the attic floor into a comfortable living space. It significantly requires less structural work.

Pros of Rooflight conversion -

  • Almost 25% cheaper than other conversion types
  • If you use it creatively, you can get plenty of room for storage

Hip-to-gable conversions -

Common among the semi-detached houses, a hip to gable loft conversion aligns a naturally slanted end roof to create a vertical wall. The process involves removing the sloping roof end and creating a vertical wall.

Pros of Hip-to-gable conversions -

  • It blends perfectly with an existing house
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easily can combine with a rear dormer loft for maximum space
  • Suitable for all types of bungalows in Bromley.

Mansard loft conversions -

If you have a terraced house, Mansard loft conversion can add additional space on your roof, involving replacing the roof slopes with steeper sloping sides.

Pros of Mansard loft conversions -

  • Blend well with existing property
  • Give more headroom than others
  • Allow more natural light and ventilation
  • Also aesthetically pleasing than a dormer

Modular extension loft conversions -

It may be possible that your current place is not ideal for conversion. Removing the oldest roof and installing a new one almost adds an additional floor. In this, most of the loft areas can be converted easily, and the choices of how to use the additional space are numerous.

Pros of Modular extension loft conversions -

  • Give a completely new appearance
  • Suitable for the old houses
  • Enhance the aesthetic Value


When undertaking a loft conversion in Bromley, there are a number of other factors which should be taken into account. Firstly, it is essential to consider the existing structure of the property and make sure that sufficient space is available for the conversion to occur. Secondly, as with any construction project, safety must be ensured throughout the building process. This includes carrying out relevant inspections and ensuring that all regulations are adhered to. Thirdly, when converting a loft in Bromley, it is essential to check whether planning permission is required by the local authority – this can often depend on the type of use for which the conversion will be put. Finally, given its location within London's transport network, consider how easy access will be during and after construction works have been completed. Our team at Loft Conversion London is experienced in carrying out loft conversions across Bromley and the surrounding areas and can provide help and advice on all these matters.


When converting a loft space, there are additional expenses that need to be taken into account. These can include the cost of any planning permission required by the local authority, structural surveys, drawings and calculations for building regulations approval, and scaffolding hire if necessary. Additionally, labour costs should be factored in – depending on the type of conversion being undertaken, and this could include tradespeople such as electricians, plasterers, and decorators. Finally, it is also essential to consider any extra items which may be needed for the conversion, such as new windows or skylights, insulation materials, fixtures, and fittings.

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