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Your home shouldn’t be a bed and floor, it should reflect the kind of person you are and should tell your story. Even though sometimes you might lack a vision yourself, your temptation for a dream house shouldn’t suffer. Architectural drawings might sound like an episode from Downtown Abbey, but this is a very important step to make sure your loft is in order as well as has all the requirements you want. Before starting off here’s who a loft conversion Architect is.


Architect is the one who produces the plans for loft conversions. Architectural drawings refer to a set of technical plans that are put together by the architects to lay out a possible design for your space. They help you determine the finer points of the construction, and also help you visualize the process that is yet to be undertaken and the ultimate finished result. Loft Conversion Architect specialists produce the loft conversions expeditiously, precisely and are able to squeeze space out of your attic like no one else can. It includes planning of floors, elevations, roof plans, and site plans.


The success of a loft conversion or other home expansion lies in the accuracy and thoroughness of the planning involved. From drawing up in-depth plans to ensuring the right materials are used, all conversions benefit immensely from ample groundwork..Here is the list of reasons about how a loft conversion architect can convert your loft into a classy home.

Proverbial Plans

You might think you have got it all under control but a loft plan includes – floor plans, elevations, site plans and roof plans. Your sweat and headache will be gone in a jiffy if all these are in a professional hand. An architect will find the best way to maximize your space and even help in adding few luxurious things like an ensuite or a glass sunroof.


It will be biased to say to that all kind of lofts require the keen eye of an architect. But if you are having one of these loft conversions then it is essential that you do hire an architect.

1.     Flat roof dormer

2.     Mansard

3.     Hip to gable

These conversions come under strict planning scrutiny and in case you don’t abide by all height and safety measures you might face some uninvited duress. These lofts often require additions to roof which has a lot of height and space hassle. Alongside this, such investments coup a lot of green from your pocket. So you want a value for your money during resale picking a quality design might go a long way.

Perks and Privilege

If you are on a diet a nutritionist will take care of your inner strength. Likewise when you are going big with a mansard or even keeping it small with renovations, a loft conversion architect will benefit your home in myriad of ways.

1.     The architect will ensure the works are done efficiently and also in the budget.

2.     Give your provided space an extra oomph with creativity.

3.     Increase your home value with smart designs.

4.     Will be a perk to secure the planning approval if or when required

5.     Will ensure that the project is been done within the permitted development rights

6.     The architect drawings will give you a clear vision of the future space

7.     It is always a privilege to have an expert on your side to get information on modern trends

8.     Your contact list will fill with other professional advisors and workers you might need for your home.

9.     Ensures that the timeline and budget for your project are well maintained

10.   It ensures that you have the best chance of securing planning approval, if needed

11.   Provides you expert advice from time to time and allows better visualization of your future space.


Dramas and Dilemmas 

It is obviously your choice to hire an architect but not hiring a professional can have its own risks. Such as -

1.     Planning refusal

2.     If you have not followed any permitted development rights, then you might face penalties for the same

3.     If not planned properly and effectively you might lose monetary value of the house in the future

4.     Structural engineers and contractors will present you their own designs to begin the work, this might add to your costs.



Like a regular GP will tell you what might be the problem and solution in your body, a regular Architect will surely give you the tits bits about converting your loft. But a professional loft conversion architect will expediently turn around the space and give you a master piece of your dreams. 

To decide what kind of conversion will suit you best, it’s important to engage with skilled architects with Loft Conversion London. They enable to guide you at every step, making to draw the best plans for your loft.

Roofline Loft Conversion

Roofline loft conversion is one of the most popular types of conversion that doesn’t require any modification to the roof, as the existing roof stays as it is. It is popular due to the fact of the lower price as well as it does not require any planning permission. If you are looking for bit of extra space for a nursery or office this conversion would be a fantastic choice.

L Section Conversion

L Shaped dormers are gradually becoming popular especially within the compacted areas around London. With an L Shaped conversion there are lots of additional spaces for an extra room or suite. Not all properties are suitable to have an L shaped dormer conversion so it is important to contact before doing.



Architectural drawings are not a requirement for all loft conversions but they are essential for some.

It will be biased to say to that all kind of lofts require the keen eye of an architect. But if you are having one of these loft conversions then it is essential that you do hire an architect.

  1. Flat roof dormer
  2. Mansard
  3. Hip to gable

These conversions come under strict planning scrutiny and in case you don’t abide by all height and safety measures you might face some uninvited duress. These lofts often require additions to roof which has a lot of height and space hassle. Alongside this, such investments coup a lot of green from your pocket. So you want a value for your money during resale picking a quality design might go a long way. They are not only a perfect way to set your loft conversion right, but a professional touch and a keen eye can help you guarantee space, value, and security. When it comes to planning an application, and implementing it, they add onto make a huge difference.

Is my home suitable for a loft conversion?

Changing over your loft is the less customary, however, a very famous way of increasing the value of your home, working starting from the top.

This loft conversion pattern is on the ascent in the UK, with certain territories of London having a normal of 4 out of 10 homes experiencing or having experienced the procedure. Could your house be the following one to join the pattern? How about we discover...

Type of Roof

When pondering about changing over the loft space in your home, the most significant factor to consider is your current loft structure.

There are two primary sorts -

Traditional roof -

This sort of rooftop is found in houses that were worked before 1965. They are not quite the same as current rooftops as their rafters structure an M shape that compromises of your loft, and ordinarily have an estimation of 2.2 meters at their most noteworthy point.

Modern trussed roof -

These rooftops are generally found in homes that were fabricated post-1965. These styles are built with the rafters framing a W shape, and are commonly 2.4 meters at their most elevated point.

Trussed rooftops can be harder to change over than customary rooftops. The issue with trussed rooftops is that, on account of their W shape, the casing, by and large, occupies the majority of the space in the loft, which means the whole casing must be supplanted. Be that as it may, this undertaking is in no way, shape, or form unimaginable - it just might be somewhat more costly to experience.

Do you have enough room?

When you've worked out which sort of loft is best for your home, whip out the estimating tape, it's an ideal opportunity to get serious. So as to see if changing over your loft is a chance, there are two principle perspectives to consider.

Floor area -

Despite the fact that this is only a general rule, your loft's interior dividers ought to extend across 7.5 meters from front to back, and 5.5 meters from side to side. Be that as it may, as is referenced, this is only the perfect space. Loft conversion London has the best loft conversion architects at your disposal if you want your dream house to become a reality.

Roof angle -

Any edge over 30 degrees would work best. All together for your proposed loft conversion to pass building guidelines, it must gauge 2.2 meters from the floor to the most noteworthy point. This takes into account adequate head tallness, while simultaneously considering that the rooftop must be protected and the floor developed.

Another integral factor will be access to the loft - do you have sufficient space to raise a flight of stairs on your first floor? This is something your planner will have the option to prompt on.

Planning & regulations

Planning Permission -

Under your allowed residential rights, as a property holder, you are permitted to broaden your rooftop space by up to 50 m3, or 40 m3 for terraced houses. In any case, there are sure details, so you should design appropriately, else it will be considered an undertaking that requires planning endorsement.

Its merits include that these allowed improvement rights don't generally apply for homes in preservation regions - talk with an engineer or planning official to check whether planning permission is required.

In case you're considering experiencing a loft conversion, our Resi draftsmen can guarantee that you remain inside your allowed improvement rights, or even secure planning permission. Address one of our loft conversion architect at loft conversion London to discover how we can help.

Building Regulations -

Building guidelines are a lot to remember for the mortgage holders. They must follow for the sake of fire security, vitality productivity, family unit fuel preservation, and numerous other comparative subjects. Each loft conversion requires building guidelines endorsement, whether or not planning permission is included or not. You should always ask a professional loft conversion architect to help you with these guidelines.

Party Walls -

Something else to remember is that, in case you're in a terraced or semi-disconnected home, you should consider the gathering divider you're imparting to your neighbors. On the off chance that adjusting a common divider, building, or limit, you should get assent from the other party you should them at an opportune time all the while, so as to stay away from any unbalanced and expensive after dispute result.

Why Loft conversion London -

 Loft Conversion London gives you a free visit by a professional Loft conversion architect to evaluate your home in the beginning. The architect will guide you on what kind of conversion is best suitable for you. Loft conversion London will help you in a laid back conversion process. As they take care of all the guidelines and permission process. They make sure your new home passes all the checked criteria list and you live a planned luxurious life in the new home.


In today’s eon, everyone wishes to convert the home to a bungalow? From a supplementary bedroom to a game room or a choice between a home office and a home cinema, Loft Conversion London has all your dreams covered. We, at Loft Conversion London, have curated affordable packages with the decorative and eye catchy design.

Loft Conversion London has made has a reputation as one of the leading experts that manifest in luxury. It is a family run business with past years of experience in the area of Bungalow Loft Conversion in London. We are fully integrated and automate our service in the construction filed and provide the customers with excellent service. We pride our service on furnishing and providing high-quality projects to our customers. Our tradespersons are highly expertise in this core and bestow with valuable service. We manage the whole project from the scratch to the finishing end, from the design stage where we create or the inception process starts.

Our Loft Conversion Architects and Project Managers are professionals who thrive to help homeowners in London get the best room and value from their current loft. Whatever your needs, we'll build a beautiful design that will maximize your property's value and significantly improve your living space.


  • Roof Light ( Velux) conversion.
  • Hip-to-gable conversion.
  • Dormer Conversion.
  • Mansard Loft Conversion.


· Predictable excellence –

Loft Conversion London is a family run loft conversion company with 22+ years of experience. We are specialized in the construction field, and with our profoundly skilled tradesmen and their expertise we can guarantee high-quality services.

· Attentive customer care (24*7) –

We pride ourselves on furnishing every project we undertake and delivering the most exceptional quality results. With our experience, and unparalleled customer support with 24x7 prompt answers to your questions meets your comprehensive needs.

· In depth Consultation and Technical excellence –

By providing accurate information on budget constraints and time scale, we provide our clients with guidance at every stage, from assessing the property for subdivision to assessing the potential for growth. Loft Conversion London has got your back and promises to direct you at any point, even if it is for your landlord or council to get planning permission.

· Excellent finish -

By using the latest technologies and swift construction means, we ensure that we meet the potential requirements for growth. As Loft Conversion Architect, we design and build in a way that makes your space different, valuable and credible.

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Hip to Gable Loft Conversion Architect London

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion Architect London

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion extends your house on the sloping side by replacing the roof with a vertical wall called the Gable. This gives maximum internal head height and floor space. Hip to Gable loft conversions are ideal for Architect London homeowners with semi-detached, end of terraced, bungalows or detached properties. We provide full planning, design to build service.

Dormer Loft Conversion Architect London

Dormer Loft Conversion Architect London

Dormer Loft Conversion is the most popular type of Loft Conversion undertaken by Architect London homeowners. This is simply the extension of the existing roof vertically that allows extra additional floor space and headroom. There are height requirements of at least two metres or higher, with no need for planning permission in many cases.

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